We only got one life….

I knew instantly what song I wanted to choose for the What a Song Might Mean to You Assignment (3.5 stars). My two friends and I went on a bus tour for spring break while I was abroad, and the bus driver and tour guide picked a song that represented our group to play each morning as we went to a new city. It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life, and this song still brings back so many good memories of new experiences and people.

Here’s a video of Pitbull’s Greenlight:

I first looked on YouTube for a video of Pitbull’s Greenlight. Once I had chosen the video, I moved on to type up a few notes on what I wanted to say about the song. I thought about why it meant so much to me and some experiences where I heard it and it reminded me of spring break. I then went to iMovie to record my audio of myself talking about the song. I played back the audio to make sure I liked it and did a few touch up edits, such as cutting the beginning and ending blank spaces. I then exported the iMovie video to my desktop and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

I enjoyed getting a chance to talk about why I loved Spring Break and this song so much!

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