To Thine Own Self be True

For the first assignment I am posting, I did the Based on 1-Quote-A-Day Project!! Assignment  (2.5 stars). Although this is not the first one I started, it is the first one I finished. I have slowly been working on the other ones, but they are taking more time. I did not quite have enough stars with just the assignments I was doing with my group, so I added this assignment. It still relates to my character, though.

I thought again about a quote that I would tell Ella, especially since I feel like I have really developed her character in the other activities I have been doing. I looked to Pinterest for a good quote, and found this one: “This above all: to thine own self be true.” I thought this was fitting because the author is British, and the essence of the quote makes sense for Ella at this point in her life. She has some big decisions coming up that she will have to make for herself. I would want to give her the confidence to follow what she feels is the right direction.

After I found the quote, I went to iMovie to record myself saying it. The description of the activity mentioned using an appropriate tone to say it, so I decided to try a British accent while reading it. My British accent is awful, and spending a semester in England has made it no better. I went online to research how to have a good British accent, practiced, and then recorded the quote. It also sounds somewhat masculine, which matches the author.

It seemed like the activity wanted us to make the author anonymous so that other students could guess who she or he was, so do you know who this quote is from??


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