The Maguire Line

Ella Maguire was born on January 1, 2000 to the ancient Maguire line. She just recently learned what that truly means on her eighteenth birthday. She learned later in life than many of her ancestresses, but life has changed a great deal since they learned the craft or were alive at all. Ella was born to a line of witches, and is one herself. Times have changed, and it is not necessarily as dangerous as it once was for witches, but it is not normalized in the slightest. Up until her eighteenth birthday, Ella had thought of herself as a mostly normal modern Irish girl born to a mostly normal family. Of course when she learned about the craft and her destiny, things that she had previously tried to ignore started to make more sense.

Ella’s mother had prayed to Mother Earth for a daughter, and then when she was finally blessed with one, her mother prayed that she would inherit the gift. Geraldine, Ella’s mother, had three boys before Ella and was not sure how many more kids she was willing to have until she gave up. Ella was the gift her mother had prayed for. Ella started showing signs of potentially having the gift around the age of 13. The gift tends to show up around puberty, if it shows up at all. Geraldine worked hard for Ella to not catch onto the gift until she was at an age to understand it and be able to deal with it. Geraldine knew better than most how hard it was growing up with a secret like this.

Geraldine wanted Ella to have as normal a childhood as possible. When Ella seemed to know things she should not have known, Geraldine tried to not make a big deal out of it. When Ella seemed to be able to make meals that could heal colds or various symptoms, Geraldine would laugh and chalk it up to Ella inheriting her mother’s great cooking abilities. Geraldine decided when Ella was around ten years old, that even if Ella showed signs of inheriting the gift, Geraldine would try her hardest to shield her from the truth until Ella was eighteen. Geraldine wanted Ella to understand what she had inherited before it was too late, and before she went on to University.

When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve of 2017,  beginning the new year as well as Ella’s eighteenth year of life, Geraldine pulled Ella away from the festivities and down to their basement. Geraldine brought Ella into a room that Ella had previously thought to be a storage room. Geraldine began to explain the gift to Ella, as well as her ancestresses who had the gift before her. It was not the birthday gift Ella had expected, but a piece of her felt like everything was starting to add up. Even if she could never have described the history or what the gift meant, a piece of her always knew.

Ella Maguire was inspired by the witches and the craft described in A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan.

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