Starting off Strong

I really enjoyed this week in DS106! I enjoyed getting to start using new tools and getting to interact more with my classmates. I began the week by starting my first Daily Creates. I found them fun, and I liked doing a little something creative several days this week. They did not take much time, but I enjoyed getting my creative juices flowing with them! I also enjoyed seeing the many different ways in which other people took the prompts- it was cool to see what others came up with and the ways in which others completed the prompts that I never would have thought about doing.

I got to describe my stuffed dog as a super hero!

My favorite Daily Create this week was definitely the Mark Maker one. I really enjoyed checking out the cool logos, and found the Mark Maker tool very helpful and fun! I even created a symbol for my blog, using Mark Maker. My initial logo did not show up well for the purposes of my blog, so I switched to a different one.

Finally, I got to play around with paper and light. I was initially trying to create a heart with the shadow, but that proved to be more difficult than I imagined so I switched over to doing my initial.

I also enjoyed getting to start using the Assignment Bank this week! It was cool to see all of the many options it had in store for us. It also allowed me to start thinking about what assignments I would want to come up with for my specific group. I first looked at the GIF assignments and quickly learned how much I enjoyed making GIFs. I had remembered hearing about the app/ website GIPHY from one of my friends who took this course in the past, so I looked into how to use that app/ website. I made one practice GIF on GIPHY that I really enjoyed. I found GIPHY pretty easy to use, and really fun. I am excited to make more GIFs in the future! After my practice GIF, I looked to the Assignment Bank to pick which assignment I wanted to do. I loved the DS106 Reacts Assignment, so I decided to give it a shot. When I was creating my practice GIF, I looked through a lot of my videos to see which ones I had, and I stumbled upon the perfect one of my friend and I sledding. I had a lot of fun creating that GIF!

When your friend says it will be fun…

When I saw the Pinterest prompt under the Web Assignments category, I got excited because Pinterest is a tool that I already know and love. The Pinterest Dream Room assignment gave me a chance to use the tool in a new way, and I really enjoyed getting to dream up a cool room!

Dorm Sweet Dorm

For my final assignment from the Assignment Bank, I got to make a video of my dog, which i thoroughly enjoyed! My favorite part about making the video was cutting all of the snippets of my dog running to go along with the lyrics that described running. I will say that the Puppers Appreciation assignment only had 2 stars, while the other two assignments I chose to do each had 4 stars, but I spent the most time and energy working on the dog video. They were all fun to create, but the dog video was the hardest.

I’m in a Dog Daze

I enjoyed getting to interact with the class this week as well. Being that this is an online class, it is not necessarily as easy to communicate and interact with the other students as in an in-person class. I think commenting and looking into what my classmates are posting on their blogs as well as on their other social media sites is definitely helpful in creating a community within our class.

Some of the posts I really enjoyed from my fellow classmates and commented on are:

The Shakespearean Cat

A Duck’s Favorite Meal

Bachelor in Paradise Gets GIPHY

I also looked into my Group’s category, Remix-Mashup. My best friend creates mash-up videos, so I suggested one of hers that fit the myth/ legend theme as an example. I am excited to look closer into that category!


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