Once again, I was pretty nervous about the video essay when I first saw it… I was nervous about finding footage on YouTube, let alone downloading it somehow! As I started to read Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie and watch the clips, I started to at least understand what I was supposed to do. It was so interesting seeing the tools that can be used to analyze space in movies! I had never quite thought about film in this way. I really enjoyed watching the scenes and hearing what professionals picked up from them. It is a cool art that shows the importance of directing.

After reading the article and watching the clips, it was time to create my own… I decided to try and find a clip from Spy because it is my favorite movie, and I think Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a legend that more people need to know about! I found this clip, and I thought it had really good evidence of shoot and shot/ reverse shot. It was interesting to see the power dynamics play out, and to the director uses space to represent them. The scene honestly had a lot of what we had just learned about, and it was hard to choose what all to talk about.

I looked at the page of resources linked on this week’s Weekly Assignments for help finding an app to download a video from YouTube. I ended up downloading 4K Video Downloader to download this video from YouTube. I then pulled the video into iMovie. I muted the sound from the clip, and then I watched the clip several times to decide what I wanted to talk about. I first recorded an intro, and then I started to record my voice-over. I had to stop and start several times to cut awkward spaces or places where I messed up my words. I edited the audio together so that it fit the image on the screen as well as flowed well. I also added a title slide for my intro to play during. I watched the video through once or twice making small adjustments, until I liked it. Then, I posted it to YouTube.

I thought this was a cool exercise that helped me to see my favorite movie in a different light. I was also able to use a lot of what I just learned in just this one scene. It was interesting seeing how even when Susan Cooper got up, she still did not have the power. It was also interesting to see the showdown between the director and Rick Ford, the angry agent. It was cool to see where and when they put particular shots.

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