Quote it! (Backwards)

For my second remix assignment, I decided to remix the Favorite Movie Quote Assignment. The remix task I received was to reverse the assignment, so I decided to reverse the quote and write it backwards. It sounds kind of cool, but does not makes sense, backwards. I decided to keep with the Eat, Pray, Love theme I seem to be doing this week, and picked a quote from this movie. I thought this quote, even though it is hard to actually read what it means, fit well with this reversal theme. It talks about what we think a soul mate is versus what it actually is and talks about the soul mate being a mirror.

After I picked the quote, I went to Google Images to find a picture. I decided on this picture that has the main character and one of her love interests. I then went to Canva, uploaded the picture, and added the text. It was a brain exercise to write the quote backwards! I changed the font color to white so that it would stand out more. I then screenshot it when I liked it!

Doing the remix assignments added a twist and made the assignments seem more interesting! I enjoyed the additional creativity they called for!


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