Oh, the Places I (Hope) to Go

For my first Remix Assignment, I decided to take it back to Visual Assignments, and remix the Places of Peace Assignment. My task was to include a Dr. Seuss character in my creation. I first thought about my places of peace, and they involved travel (except doing yoga with my dog nearby!), so I thought to incorporate the young boy from Oh, the Places You’ll Go by: Dr. Suess! The book is all about traveling and thinking about all the places you will go with your life. I was more relaxed and content while I was abroad than I have been in my entire life. Traveling and doing new, fun things with awesome people is where I find joy, and even peace.

To create this remix, I used Shutterfly and brought in four photos of my places of peace, and then used a picture from the Dr. Seuss book for the final picture. I decided on a picture of the beach in Spain at sunset, my best friend and I in Edinburgh, myself on my favorite spot in Bath, my tree, and my feet as I am doing yoga with my dog nearby. I am so excited to see where my life takes me, so the combination of the Dr. Seuss book and the places that have brought me peace in the past are exciting. I took a screenshot of the piece when I was happy with it.

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