My Very own TED Talk… Kind of

I really enjoyed the Ted Talk Pronunciation Practice Assignment (3 stars). It was right up my alley. I enjoy public speaking and presenting to others, so I enjoyed this activity.

I first watched through the video, pausing every few seconds to type out the script of what the presenter was saying because I was unable to find the script. That took a decent amount of time… Once I had all of the words written out. I watched through the video again, pausing every few seconds to practice what he said and how he said it and making slight adjustments to my script (inserting spaces, adding periods or commas, or italicizing words). I then practiced a few times through my script, trying to pause at the right moments and put the right emphasis on the words.

I recorded myself through iMovie’s microphone. I created a new movie in iMovie, added a picture to attach the sound to and recorded myself talking through the script. I cut the beginning and end off of the clip and then exported the movie as a file. I then uploaded the file to SoundCloud and added a picture that I thought went with the talk. I had a picture with a sign that says, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible,” which I think goes along with the theme of the talk.

After listening to this talk many times, I may have to try it out! It sounds pretty appealing, although it also sounds hard. Now, I just need to figure out what I want to do for my 30 day challenge!

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