My Dream Vacay

For the Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest Assignment (3.5 stars), I had two main themes- both inspired by my semester abroad in Bath, England. The first of my dream vacations is to go to New Zealand and Australia. Some of my friends and I went on a bus tour for Spring Break with many Kiwis and Australians, and they definitely made me want to visit. Both countries are absolutely beautiful, and I think they would be locations where I could do the things I love to do the most while traveling- eating cool things, seeing beautiful nature, and doing adventurous things like zip lining and hiking. I pinned different beautiful locations around these places, as well as some cool and free things to do in New Zealand. I also found some posts about celebrating New Years in Sydney as well as seeing the Southern Lights in New Zealand and Australia. Luckily, they speak English, and I have friends I could stay with. I would have to get some plane tickets, though… and it is a long plane ride! I will just have to stay for a while!

The other place that would be a Dream Vacation of mine would be returning to Bath. I already miss it and the people I met there. Maybe not now, but eventually, I would love to go back- maybe with some of the people I met while there. I pinned different gorgeous places that reminded me of the place I called home for a semester. I have never actually looked Bath up on Pinterest, so this was a fun exercise. It was so cool seeing beautiful pictures of places I had been too! I also pinned a website that talks about the different coffee shops in Bath, many of which I had been to. I went to several coffee shops a week in Bath- they were my favorite place to go with friends or to do work!

This was a fun exercise that allowed me to reminisce about Bath and plan a future trip to New Zealand and Australia. Check out my Dream Vacay here!

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