Looking Back

For the Mash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself Assignment (3.5 stars), I decided to create a video that included many of my Daily Creates and design pieces! I decided that I had to use Pitbull’s Greenlight for the background because I have used the song for several of my other assignments. It was fun looking back on all the different images I have created!! I also realized how many pictures I used from abroad- I am so glad I went abroad, if for nothing else, it gave me great content to use for DS106!

To create the video, I used iMovie. I brought the clip from YouTube I had previously downloaded for another project into iMovie. Then, I started adding images to create the video.I dragged the various Daily Creates and design pieces from my desktop into iMovie. I decided that twenty seconds each would be a good time for each image, so I adjusted the time for each image. I made sure that each image looked okay and flowed well from one to another. Then, I added a title. Once I liked the way it looked and sounded, I downloaded it as a file and uploaded it to YouTube.



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