Looking Back to Look Forward

Many times myths are meant to explain why and how something is today by telling a story from the past. The past is a crucial element of both myths and legends. They are stories from the past that have importance to the present day. To build the Legend of Ella Maguire, I have to pay attention and acknowledge her past. She is preparing to graduate Upper School and move onto University. Before she moves on and makes this huge change in her life, I, as the storyteller, have to set up where she has been.

My plan to create her background is to use the people in her life. The people we surround ourselves with play a huge part in how we act, who we are, and who we become. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at the people in their life, particularly the ones that he or she chooses. To do this for Ella Maguire, I am going to use her friends from Upper School to tell the story of Ella’s life in Upper School and before she makes this huge transition. Although family has a huge impact on people; family does not represent the people we choose for ourselves.

To create this background, I am going to create a Thank You Video from the perspective of Ella. It will string together videos of many of her Upper School friends and then have her talking over the video thanking her friends from Upper School. It will serve as a reflection for Ella as she ends her time in Ireland in school. To prepare for the video, I am going to create GIFs for each of Ella’s friends as little intros to their personalities. I am also going to create photo collages for each one to show who they are.

Finally, Ella is at a transitional point. She is about to leave Upper School, but she is also about to embark on a journey to university in the states! To show this part of Ella’s story, I decided to create two different Pinterest boards. One of the boards is where she is putting ideas for her ideal dorm room. The other board is where she is starting to build her knowledge of all things magical, before going to a university for witches. It looks at tarot card readings, reading tea leaves, crystals, and so many other fun magical things! Finally, I decided to write a letter to Ella’s future roommate through Ella’s point of view. The letter discusses Ella’s hopes for their relationship, Ella’s living style, and her lack of experience both in the US and in the witchcraft world.

This week, I went ahead and created the future pieces.

Here is the Dorm Room Pinterest Board, and here is the Witchcraft Prep Pinterest Board.

Here is Ella’s Letter to her Future Roommate:

Dear Future Roommate

I also created most of the GIFs for Ella’s friends in Upper School:




Ella is preparing for a transition, so I wanted to use different forms of media to look backwards at where she is coming from and to look forward to where she is going. She has an exciting life ahead of her, and I am excited to share her story! My favorite stories are the ones that are character driven, so most of the pieces I am creating to share Ella’s story are about the characters in her life.

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