I’m Scared….

For my second assignment, I decided to do the Two Movies, One Line Assignment (3.5 stars). This was a fun and easy assignment! I really enjoyed creating it! As soon as I saw the assignment, I knew that I wanted to use horror movies! I decided to use the clip from The Shining where Danny tells Tony that he is scared after something scary from another movie. I found the other clip from Scary Movie 2 and thought that it would be a good, creepy line to go first, even if the movie is meant to be a spoof.

After I found the clips, I used 4K Downloader to download the clips from YouTube. Then, I pulled the clips into iMovie and edited them to fit together. I then saved the video as a file and uploaded it. I really enjoyed the creativity behind this assignment and found it really fun!! I think this was an assignment that took more brain power to think of the idea rather than create it.


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