I’m in a Dog Daze

As a proud dog owner, I love showing people pictures of my dog. In this assignment, I took it one step further- I made a video with videos and pictures of my dog! I was very excited when I saw the Pupper Appreciation Assignment! Not surprisingly, I already had a ton of videos of my dog that my family and I had taken at various points when we thought she was acting cute. We had a decent amount of footage from after baths because she runs around like a crazy dog trying to avoid us with the towel right after she has been bathed.

I started my process by looking at all the footage I had of my dog. I pulled the best clips and one particularly good picture into iMovie to begin my work. Then, I began cutting the clips to get the best pieces from each one. I then had to choose the song. I wanted to think of one that had the word “dog” in it, and as I went through my iTunes playlists, I found a cover of “Dog Days are Over” from the Voice and thought it would be perfect! I loved that there were lyrics that talked about running because I had so many clips of my dog running. I then downloaded the song onto my phone and uploaded it to iMovie. At first, I just added the music to the video, but then I played it back and rearranged the clips to fit the music better. I played around with shortening and lengthening the different clips to fit the music as best I could. I moved the running clips to the parts of the song that mention running. As I went through, I also decreased the volume of most of the actual clips so that we could hear the song better. I kept the volume somewhat audible for a few of the clips that had audio that I felt like fit in the video. I faded the audio at the end to bring the video to a natural ending point, since I did not want to use the whole song. I also noticed that the first clip was pretty dark, but I still wanted to use it, so I used an iMovie filter to lighten it up a little and create a nice opening effect. After I previewed the video and decided that I liked it, I saved the video in my iMovie theater and uploaded it from iMovie to YouTube.

I am excited to show my pup to the world!


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  1. Aw, your dog is such a cutie! I was smiling the whole I was watching it. My dog goes crazy after he gets bath too! I think you picked a great song for your video-it goes with the video well. My favorite part is at 1:07 when the song mentions going fast and your dog zooms off the couch!

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