I saw the Henge

For my second Design Assignment, I decided to do the Destination Post Card Assignment (3 stars). I spent a lot of time buying, writing, and looking at post cards in the various cities I went to while I was abroad, so I thought this would be fun! I went to my Facebook to see what good scenery shots I got from the places I went to, and I found this classic picture. The light was hitting the henge just perfectly, and I think the picture looks like the ones they put on their (over-priced) post cards. I uploaded the picture to GIMP (now that I have been able to download it!). Then, I decided on what words I wanted to put on the post card. I decided that I wanted to have the classy logo in the corner, like most post cards do. I put the letters in white so that they would be visible.

Then, I wanted to add the phrase, “I saw the Henge” because it was a running joke amongst my friends when we went to see it. Our whole program went, and not surprisingly, Stonehenge was somewhat of a disappointment. It is a bunch of old, roped-off rocks… but we had a blast! We kept joking about seeing the henge, and I bought an ornament that said I went to the henge. I love that phrase and had to add it to the post card! The post card makes the henge look much more picturesque than it looks in real life, but isn’t that what post cards are for?

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