Guess the Story

For my third Design Assignment, I did the One Story/ Four Icons Assignment (3 stars). I thought this would be a fun assignment because I love the idea of reducing stories to their basic pieces. I tend to be a wordy person, so I always find activities that push me to be more short and sweet helpful.

To create this, I first thought of my story and then got thinking about what items from it I could represent with simple figures. Then, I went to to find icons. They had way more options than I would have ever expected! I then created a Canva account so that I could put the images together. I use Canva for work, but I use the Campus Rec account. I thought it would be a good idea for me to have my own account… I then picked a blank Art/ Design Logo template and just uploaded the pictures to Canva and dragged them onto the blank square. I initially wanted to put them in a line, but I could not do that without them being tiny on the white square. I then downloaded the image from Canva. Canva is a really great tool for marketing and editing. We love using it at Campus Rec!

Can you tell what story I am sharing through these images?!?

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