Eat, Pray, Travel

The Your Life IS A Movie (3 stars) is my favorite assignment so far!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it; it also, unsurprisingly, took me a long time… I will always be grateful for the amount of footage I got abroad and in NYC; it has made so many of these assignments much easier.

I was initially excited about this assignment, but I did not realize how fun it could be! I thought about different movies’ trailers that I could use for it… I eventually decided on Eat, Pray, Love’s trailer (not that I have actually seen the movie), but because I think it has a similar sentiment to what I have experienced this year. Going abroad and then living in NYC was huge for me. I met some amazing people from all over the world and country, I saw some amazing, ancient sites and nature, and I learned so much about myself as a person. I loved getting to create this video to show that. I also loved creating a video getting to include so many of the amazing people I met abroad.

I downloaded the trailer from YouTube using the 4K Downloader. I skipped a little bit of the beginning because I did not need all of it. Then, I put the clips I wanted to use in my video together using iMovie on my phone. I uploaded that video to YouTube. Then I downloaded it and pulled it into the iMovie file with the actual trailer I downloaded from YouTube. I cut the video I created up into different parts and arranged them, making sure I liked the way it flowed. This was the part that took the most time! I wanted the pieces to fit with the audio. I had some fun with this, though!

I matched up my balancing on a tree with the main character talking about finding her balance, I matched myself jumping in front of the Eiffel Tower with a cool sound effect, I matched the line about the main character needing to find a man with my friends and I talking, I matched up the tour guide line with my friends’ performance, I matched the castle and moat part, and I had my friends in NYC waving when it talked about that in the music. Of course there are parts I would make adjustments to if I had more time, but it was hard because all the pieces randomly flowed together and weren’t separate clips, so it was hard to cut them just right. All in all, though, this was an awesome assignment, and I love the outcome!!


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