Dorm Sweet Dorm

To begin using the Assignment Deck, I chose the Create Your Own Room assignment from the Web Assignments category. I was excited to dream up what I would want my dream room to look like and to actualize it (in a sense) through Pinterest. Bringing my vision for my room to life through Pinterest was fun and satisfying because it was so fun to find pictures that someone else took of real items that matched what I would want in my room. I love using Pinterest to find funny animal pictures, inspiring quotes, and gluten free recipes, but I have not really explored all that it has to offer for decor. I have also never used it to create a board with a goal, such as with this assignment. This assignment allowed me to use Pinterest, a tool I have used for a while, in a new way.

To get to my final Dream Room Board, I searched for different items or ideas I was looking for on Pinterest, and then I pinned the pieces I wanted to use to make up my dream room to my Dream Room Board. Pinterest also suggested different searches based on what I was pinning, so some of the pieces I found were from the suggestions.

I began by thinking about what parts of myself and what I like I would want to be represented in my room. I started with the color- yellow. I would want this to be the main color in my room because it has been my favorite color for most of my life. It can be hard to find accessories in yellow, so I enjoyed getting to explore all of the yellow options Pinterest had to offer- from pretty decorations with yellow walls to sunflower decorations to wall decorations. I then moved onto elephants, which are my favorite animal, so much so that last year, every one of my friends gave me elephant paraphernalia for Christmas- from a tapestry to a scarf to earrings to socks. I love everything elephants, and I also love the designs and styles that usually contain elephants. I have even considered getting an elephant tattoo! I found throw pillows, wall decorations, and even light switch covers with elephants that I thought were beautiful and would love to fill my room with! I then moved on to yoga-themed items for the room because I am a yoga instructor and love the meaning of yoga. I found a beautiful door decoration, some hanging decorations, and wall decorations that represented different parts of yoga. I also like the bohemian style and picked several pieces that I came across that represented that style. I feel like elephants and yoga fit in well with the bohemian style. I am also a huge fan of quotes, so I connected what I usually use Pinterest for to its new use. I looked for different ways in which I could arrange quotes on the wall of my dream room. Finally, I love swings and have always dreamed of having one in my room. I found two different options- a regular swing or a bed swing- either or both of which I would love to have in a room of mine!

What would you want in your dream room? How would you design it?

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  1. This is so cute! I always come up with these awesome ideas of my room and then they never happen… if only I had endless time and money! Cool ideas 🙂

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