Dear Future Roommate

Dear Future Roommate,

I hope we get along. I hope you like me, and I like you. I hope that we can not only live together peacefully and comfortably but also become friends. I hope that we can stay up some nights and talk for hours. I hope you are someone I am happy to come home to, and I hope I am someone you want to come home to.

I am new to the witchcraft thing, although I am a witch! My mom waited until my eighteenth birthday to tell me, though, so I am a little behind…. That is part of why I want to go to this school. I want to be around people like me and understand what it means to be a witch. I want to learn about my powers, not only from my classes, but also from my friends and peers. I hope you won’t mind showing me some of the ropes. Please be patient with me.

I am also from Ireland! And I have never been outside the UK before… I am so excited to explore another part of the world and come to the states, but I am also a little nervous. I will be further away from home than I have ever been, and I will be doing something that I only learned existed less than a year ago! But I’m ready–I hope!! I do have a cool accent, or at least so I have been told.

I am a pretty clean person, but not picky if you are not. I try to clean up after myself, and at least keep my clutter to myself. I go to bed late, but I do not mind if you go to bed early and want to turn the lights out. I will try to be as quiet as possible when I come back or get ready for bed! I am not a morning person, except when I have to be–coffee can be a life saver! If you need to set early alarms, though, I don’t mind. I can sleep like a rock.

I hope we get to learn a lot about each other. I am excited to live with someone else, and hope it is a positive experience for both of us.

Your Hopeful Future Friend,

Ella Maguire

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