Be a Fruit Loop

For my final Design Assignment (2 stars), I decided to create a Motivational Poster! for Ella Maguire. She is going through a challenging time accepting who she is. She has been learning a lot of new things about herself, and they are not necessarily easy things to have to accept. Once again, I feel like I would want to give her advice if I could. If I could give her advice in the form of a fun Motivational Poster, it would be to “Be a Fruit Loop in a world filled with Cheerios.” Ella is a Fruit Loop in a lot of different ways. She is different than many people her age and most of her family. For starters, she just found out that she is a witch, which makes her pretty different… She is also questioning her sexuality, and not being straight is something else that makes her feel different. I would want Ella to realize her differences are actually super cool and make her more interesting, not worse, than regular people. She is special for important reasons. These differences may be hard for her to accept now, but she will be grateful for the gifts they bring her in the future.

To create this poster, I went to trusty Pinterest first to find a quote about being different. I liked this one in particular because of the rainbow connection between Fruit Loops and Ella questioning her sexuality. I then went to Google Images to find a picture of a Fruit Loop amongst Cheerios. I ended up getting the picture I used from here. I then went to Canva to create the graphic. I started by having to find a template that would allow me to make it landscape. I ended up going for a wide presentation format. I then enlarged the image and cut it so that it would fit well. I made the background black and then had to add the text. At first, I made all of the text white, and then I broke the text into three separate text boxes. The first and last ones were white and then I made each letter in the word Fruit Loop a different color to make the word pop on the neutral poster. I liked the simplistic color scheme with the pop of color from the Fruit Loop. Some people may find the black and white motivational posters cheesy, but I love them! I love Motivational posters. I also like the elements of those templates- they make the picture and most important word stick out.

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