Creating the Story of Ella Maguire

At first, I was kind of nervous about this final project, but it ended up being really fun!! I decided that one of the best ways to depict Ella’s story was to look at her friends and the people she surrounds herself with. I thought an all-inclusive video could be the big, cumulative piece. I then decided that I could make individual pieces as well for each of the nine chosen friends. I then wanted to look at Ella’s future and use some different types of media to depict it. I went back to my trusty Pinterest to create two different boards to show what Ella’s mind is focused on as she prepares for University. I then wrote a blog post that was a letter to Ella’s future roommate because that is another piece of moving on that Ella is nervous and excited about. Clearly, the people she is surrounded by are important to Ella!

First, I created the Pinterest boards for both Ella’s Witchcraft thoughts and interests, as well as her ideas for her dorm. I had fun looking for witch-y things on Pinterest. Then, for Ella’s room, I decided that a bohemian theme would fit her free spirited, magical personality. Once again, I had a lot of fun picking out the decor. The letter to Ella’s roommate was also interesting to write. It allowed me, as the author, to put myself into my characters shoes and think about what she wants in someone she will live with at her Witch University. It also helped me start thinking of ways to depict Ella’s current friends.

To start depicting Ella’s current friends, I decided to create a GIF for each one. I have a lot of videos of friends from abroad and NYC, so I decided to see which friends I had enough footage of to put into the video and created GIFs for each of them. I used GIPHY and had a lot of fun creating them!! I think GIFs are my favorite thing I have learned to create this semester. I loved depicting Ella’s friends’ personalities in these funny clips. After creating the nine clips, I decided to come up with a modern Irish name for each of my friends I was using to represent Ella’s friends. I used the first initial of all of their names, and changed them to Irish names because Ella is Irish.






After coming up with the names, I created photo collages for each of the friends. I used Shutterfly to do so. Then, I took screenshots of the resulting collages. Once the individual pieces were done, I tackled the most complicated part–the video. I went through each of the nine friends and put all the clips I could find of them together, one followed after the other, in iMovie on my phone because I did not have the ability to send the videos straight to my computer. I then uploaded the iMovie video to YouTube. I then tried to use the 4K Video Downloader to download the video from YouTube, but it did not work, so I looked into another option. I found on a DS106 tutorial, and it worked.

Once I got the video with all of the clips downloaded, I pulled the video into iMovie and got to work. I muted the sound for all of the clips from the original video. I wanted to find a song for each person, so I found nine different songs that were free to use on YouTube’s Audio Library. I slowly pulled them into iMovie, adjusting the size of them to line up to the section lengths for each person. I also overlapped them just slightly to alleviate any awkward pauses. I then had to write up what I was going to say for each person to thank them. I jotted down notes and then went through to record the different pieces. I recorded each person separately, and several people took several tries because it was hard to get the timing right to match the clip length to the thank you length. For a few of the friends, I had to use two different clips. I went through and listened to make sure it flowed well and to adjust the volumes of the different clips.

I then added titles for each of the friend’s names on the first clip of each friend, and a final Thank You title at the end. I made small adjustments and then downloaded it as a file and uploaded it to YouTube. I decided to just do the voice over in my American voice, rather than an Irish accent, because Ella is practicing her American accent for University. I was pretty proud of this video, combining audio and video!

I really enjoyed getting to create Ella’s story, and it was fun using so many different media forms! I loved getting to connect them together at the end to make a story. It has been fun getting to create the Legend of the Witch Ella Maguire this semester!

I have learned so much from this course, but it has also been fun! I have learned a lot of practical skills and insights from it!

Looking Back to Look Forward

Many times myths are meant to explain why and how something is today by telling a story from the past. The past is a crucial element of both myths and legends. They are stories from the past that have importance to the present day. To build the Legend of Ella Maguire, I have to pay attention and acknowledge her past. She is preparing to graduate Upper School and move onto University. Before she moves on and makes this huge change in her life, I, as the storyteller, have to set up where she has been.

My plan to create her background is to use the people in her life. The people we surround ourselves with play a huge part in how we act, who we are, and who we become. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at the people in their life, particularly the ones that he or she chooses. To do this for Ella Maguire, I am going to use her friends from Upper School to tell the story of Ella’s life in Upper School and before she makes this huge transition. Although family has a huge impact on people; family does not represent the people we choose for ourselves.

To create this background, I am going to create a Thank You Video from the perspective of Ella. It will string together videos of many of her Upper School friends and then have her talking over the video thanking her friends from Upper School. It will serve as a reflection for Ella as she ends her time in Ireland in school. To prepare for the video, I am going to create GIFs for each of Ella’s friends as little intros to their personalities. I am also going to create photo collages for each one to show who they are.

Finally, Ella is at a transitional point. She is about to leave Upper School, but she is also about to embark on a journey to university in the states! To show this part of Ella’s story, I decided to create two different Pinterest boards. One of the boards is where she is putting ideas for her ideal dorm room. The other board is where she is starting to build her knowledge of all things magical, before going to a university for witches. It looks at tarot card readings, reading tea leaves, crystals, and so many other fun magical things! Finally, I decided to write a letter to Ella’s future roommate through Ella’s point of view. The letter discusses Ella’s hopes for their relationship, Ella’s living style, and her lack of experience both in the US and in the witchcraft world.

This week, I went ahead and created the future pieces.

Here is the Dorm Room Pinterest Board, and here is the Witchcraft Prep Pinterest Board.

Here is Ella’s Letter to her Future Roommate:

Dear Future Roommate

I also created most of the GIFs for Ella’s friends in Upper School:




Ella is preparing for a transition, so I wanted to use different forms of media to look backwards at where she is coming from and to look forward to where she is going. She has an exciting life ahead of her, and I am excited to share her story! My favorite stories are the ones that are character driven, so most of the pieces I am creating to share Ella’s story are about the characters in her life.

Mashing Things Up

This was a fun week! Some of the assignments were really fun, and I felt like I was able to really tap into my creativity in a different way with many of the assignments! Some of them helped me to think about things in a different way.

First, my Daily Creates!

For my first Daily Create, I got to share my sentiments about Veterans Day! I used a video I found on YouTube and GIPHY to make a gif to share. I love making gifs, especially for such a cool reason!

For my second Daily Create, I got to share some warmth through a haiku and my favorite spot abroad. While I was in Bath, my favorite spot in the whole city was my tree, which was up high on a hill that overlooked the city. It was beautiful, especially as the sun was setting, such as it is in this picture. There is also a quote on the bench that starts, “Warms in the sun…”

For my first assignment, I decided to look back on many of my previous DS106’s pieces with theMash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself Assignment (3.5 stars). I ended up combining them into one collective video incorporating many of my Daily Creates and design assignments. This was a fun assignment that reminded just how many things I have created this semester. Even pieces I did not particularly like got me to use my creative juices and flex my creative muscle, which I do not do as much as I would like to…

Looking Back

For my next assignment, I got to play around with one of my favorite horror movies, The Shining, for the Two Movies, One Line Assignment (3.5 stars). This was a fun and easy assignment! I liked the creative thought that had to go into the backend to come up with how to combine the lines.

I’m Scared….

The next assignment I posted about was actually the one I started first this week, and although it was my favorite, took the longest. I made a movie trailer of my life for the Your Life IS A Movie (3 stars). This was such a fun assignment, and I am really proud of the video I created. I showed it to my best friend, who also went abroad with me, and she was very thrilled and excited. She is an amazing video editor, so I was very appreciative of her compliment!

Eat, Pray, Travel

I loved this assignment so much, I decided to create a tutorial for it! This was my first tutorial, but it went pretty well because I already tend to give pretty detailed descriptions of my processes. I think I gave some helpful tips that would have made my process and brainstorming easier.

Tutorial for My Favorite Assignment

For my final assignment, I had fun with the  Mashing Friends and Emojis Assignment (4 stars) by making my brother an emoji! This picture of him was a perfect match!

My Brother is an Emoji!

For my first remix, I got to create a collage of my places of peace that had a Dr. Seuss twist. I picked mainly places I had traveled to because traveling brings me a sense of peace. I picked Dr. Seuss’ book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go to go with the places I chose. It is also my favorite of his books!

Oh, the Places I (Hope) to Go

For my next remix assignment, I created an image with a quote, but remixed it by writing the words in the quote the opposite way. The quote made no sense, but was also somewhat poetic. I thought it was funny putting the backwards quote over an image!

Quote it! (Backwards)

I really enjoyed the work I did this week. I am really starting to realize how much I am getting out of this course. It has been really fun, but it has also pushed me creatively and taught me new, different skills. I have not thought of myself as a super creative person in the past, but this class has taught me that creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed and can get stronger.

Video Part 2!

This week was pretty good. The hardest part was finding a way to get enough stars using my character! The further we go along, the harder it is to find new and exciting ways to use my character. It is hard to commit to the same storyline, and also keep it interesting and follow the ideas I have while fitting into the media format of the week. This week took our previous work to the next level, and I feel like there were higher and more detailed expectations for our videos this week.

The Daily Creates this week were fun!

First, I got to use signs to talk about Baboons! I used Gimp to combine two signs I found on Google Images to create this funny image!

I got to think about my Bucket List for my second Daily Create! I really enjoyed thinking about something that I have wanted to do that would be (seemingly) easy to do. I also really enjoyed getting to see other people’s ideas!

For my Final Daily Create, I got to think back to a distant memory, which was really fun! I loved getting to look back at old pictures, and it was crazy thinking about how long ago this memory actually was!!

For my first assignment, I made a video of Ella Maguire’s Health Elixir (4 stars), which was perfect timing! I had been meaning to create this concoction for myself anyway because I was sick. This was a great video to show more of who Ella is- it actually shows one of the ways in which she uses her powers. This video ties into the theme of Myths and Legends because many myths and legends have elixirs or potions that play a large role in the plot. This video showed more of the details behind one of these elixirs!

Ella Maguire’s Health Elixir

For my next assignment, I created a video describing my favorite character, Susan Cooper (3 stars)!! I really enjoyed this assignment. I was so glad to finally be able to download videos from YouTube to use in my project! Being able to download videos from YouTube allows me to be able to do and create more.

Meet Susan Cooper

My next assignment was my first (and probably last) lyric video (4.5 stars). It was fun, it was cool, but it was hard! I had no idea the precision and time it takes to create a lyric video! They are much more involved than they look! I also added a lot of pictures and spent time adjusting them. I wanted to use the lyric video to also tell the story of my Spring Break week. The pictures are almost all in chronological order and follow my friends and I from London to Paris to Bordeaux to San Sebastian to Barcelona. It was a fun project and I will definitely cherish the video, but I am not sure I would want to try it again… I also do not think that iMovie was the ideal tool for what I was trying to do….

My First (and Probably Last) Lyric Video

For my final assignment, I went back to my character, Ella, and created a video about her favorite things (3 stars). This video shares some of Ella’s backstory and allowed me to elaborate more on her. This video ties in with the Myths and Legends theme because it gives more details into Ella’s life, and many myths and legends have backstories and spend time elaborating on the details of the characters’ lives. I struggled to find one more video I wanted to create for my character. This video was actually much easier to create than I expected. I think I am not yet good at being able to tell how hard or easy an assignment will be. The lyric video was much harder than I expected it to be while the Of Most Importance! video was much easier.

Ella’s Favorite Things

This week was fun, and I learned a lot about creating videos. I figured out how to effectively download YouTube videos to edit. I made my first lyric video! I also got to make some fun videos! I got to think more about my character, and of course use my creativity! I liked how this week allowed me to expand on my video skills from last week and push myself a little further in my content. This week also allowed me to connect different ideas I had learned throughout the course.






Roll the Tape!

This was a fun week! I was not quite sure about the video essay, but even that was fun! Cinema and videography have always been art forms that I have admired, so it was cool getting some actual technical knowledge about how they are created.

For my first assignment, I got to look back on my college years (2 stars). I really enjoyed getting to look at some of the amazing memories I have collected along the way. It was fun creating the video!

College Flies By!!

For my second assignment, I did a  short and fun one and created a Boomerang of my room (1 star)! I partially did this assignment to just get myself to download the Boomerang app. I had been wanting to do so for a while but had not yet.


For my next assignment, I made a stop motion video (3 stars) using M&M’s! I have always wanted to create one, so this was a fun opportunity. It was harder than I expected, though…

STOP! Motion

Then, I had some fun with sign language (1 star)! I took ASL in high school, so I enjoyed getting to revisit it in video format. It was another quick, easy, and fun assignment!

Guess the Word!

For my next 3 stars, I took videos of my feet as I wandered around Richmond, particularly Belle Isle with friends! We had a blast, and I enjoyed getting to document it in an interesting way.


For my final two stars, I decided to make another stop motion video for my #SixSecondArt! It was fun getting to give stop motion another try. I love the way they look when they are finished. I also enjoyed getting to use a quote in this one. I always love when I get to use quotes in assignments!!

Worth It

I then went on to create the Video Essay. The information we were supposed to read and watch before creating the Video Essay was pretty interesting! It made me think much more critically about scenes I have seen so many times. It made me look at cinematography in a different light. I also enjoyed getting to talk about a funny scene from my favorite movie! Creating the Video Essay was actually kind of fun, once I realized how to download the scene from YouTube.


I also did my two Daily Creates!

First, I got to create my own word! I thought about words that I sometimes accidentally say when I am talking too fast and combine words, and this one came to mind! I used Shakespeare’s rule of combining two words into one.

Then, for Halloween, I was able to tell a spooky story! It was not exactly a ghost story, but I think ghosts can come to us in our dreams, and maybe that is what my great-grandfather’s ghost did… Either way, the story is definitely spooky!

This week was pretty fun! I enjoyed finally finding a way to download YouTube videos and getting to try techniques I had wanted to but never had. I do not know why I keep freaking out about certain assignments because for the most part, they end up turning out alright!





Becoming a Part of the Web

This week was an interesting one. It involved listening to and reflecting on the projects we had done previously as well as creating new content. It also made me think about storytelling on or as part of the web in a different way. All of the other mediums we have used so far were a part of the web but were not the actual web.

At first, I was kind of nervous about the Storytelling Within the Web assignment… I was kind of confused about the concept, but then when I went to the X-Ray Goggles website to download the tool, and I was able to practice with some examples, it made more sense. As I was doing the examples, I came up with my idea- create a Rate My Professor account for a fictional professor using an existing professor’s page. I used my dad’s page and turned it into one for Dumbledore! Once I got started and realized how to do it, it was pretty fun!

Albus Dumbledore

For my first assignment, I decided to do a short, fun one- Google Draw. I was surprised how well the neural network (whatever that is!) was able to guess my drawings. I definitely did not think they were that clear. I wonder which characteristics of each item I was drawing gave it away. I also wonder with how good the neural network seemed to be why they were not able to guess the drums??

Google Drawwww

For my next assignment, I had fun creating my Dream Vacation on Pinterest! I love Pinterest, and I love getting to use it to daydream! It is so fun to think about the fun vacations you could take. Right now, I really want to go to New Zealand, Australia, or better yet- both!! I also really miss Bath and want to go back, although I do not know whether that is missing Bath itself or missing being abroad with my friends and very limited responsibilities…

My Dream Vacay

Then, on Monday night, I was able to listen to another group’s radio show! I thought The Legends ds106 Radio Show was very creatively and thoughtfully made! I enjoyed how they brought together such different characters! I was also thoroughly impressed with how they edited it. After editing our group’s show, I realize how complicated that can be! Also, a therapy group was such a good idea! I think the gnome definitely stole the show!

The Legends ds106 Radio Show

I had some fun connecting my Daily Creates. I also think mine were pretty easy to connect. I started by editing them all into one picture in GIMP, and then from there I thought up a story to go along with the picture. I ended up making the monster I created a friend of Ed Sheeran’s who “owns” the castle I posted a picture of. They both love Halloween and met through Molly’s husband and Ed’s best friend growing up. It was a fun and interesting tale that actually led into my final assignment!

Molly the Monster Flies in

For my final assignment, I had some trouble deciding what to do. I started several different assignments, but had trouble completing them or did not like how they turned out. It took some trial and error to figure out which assignment I wanted to do for the final four stars. I ended up deciding on the cool  Inklewriter Storytelling Assignment , which was super interesting and fun. I overlooked it in my first look-through of assignments because I was concerned about writing assignments…. I had never heard of this site before, but it is really cool and easy to use. I think the whole concept of the site is cool and unique. I loved Create-Your-Own-Adventure books as a kid, so I really enjoyed getting to create one of my own! I also had fun adding onto the Daily Creates story I created and getting to add new endings to it!! The Daily Creates story focused on Ed and Molly, but the Inklewriter story focused on Ed and Mark.

Mark the Monster and Ed Sheeran return!!

This week was fun and unique! I enjoyed getting to think creatively about the assignments as well as the Daily Creates! I am really starting to see the benefit of consistent use of my creativity. It is a skill that I have not worked to develop as much in college as my other skills, so I am grateful for the opportunity to focus on it.

Radio Week Round 3

I found this week somewhat stressful… Once again working with a group entirely online and editing in Audacity were two things I am not used to, so they made me learn some new skills.

The easiest part of the week was the TDC’s:

For the first one, I had fun combining blues & clowns! I screenshot the clown picture and uploaded it to Canva. I found the Blues quote on Pinterest and then added and edited the words in Canva. For some reason, I could not get this tweet to embed… I tried multiple times throughout the day, so it can be found here.

For my second Daily Create, I tried to find a picture from abroad when I was constantly exploring castles and weird or secret entrances. I stumbled upon the picture I took at Sham Castle located on the Bath Skyline. Sham Castle is just that- a sham. It is only the literal facade of a castle. Only one wall of it was ever built, so it is a “secret entrance” to a golf course instead of an actual castle!

The bulk of the work this week was pulling the Radio Show together. I had to download all of the different pieces from my group members and combine them in Audacity. I had never used Audacity before Audio week in this class, so I am still very much a novice, but pulling this show together and editing all the different pieces was definitely an interesting adventure. The hardest part by far was trying to make the volume as consistent as possible with so many different moving parts! We had seven group members, which meant seven stories all recorded at different volumes, not to mention the bumpers and commercials! I also did not realize that SoundCloud does not allow us to increase volume all that much, so with some of the clips that were softer, there was not much I could do. To hear all about our radio show and to listen to it on SoundCloud, check out my last post!

Radio Round-up




Audio Rewind

This week was definitely an interesting one… It was different than all of the other weeks have been. I think it encompassed some of the challenges of an online class, at least for me. In both of the online classes I have had, we have had group projects. I think it is a good idea to help the class feel more connected, but they are definitely more difficult than they are in in-person classes. Working entirely online together is not something I have ever done with a group before, so we shall see how it goes. It is weird working with people whom I could not pick out on the street. For the most part, I do not know the people in my group in “real life.” It is an interesting experience.

One piece of normalcy this week was the Daily Creates:

I first got to insert myself into history, with King Henry VIII, no less! For this TDC, I took a photo I had of myself and one of my housemates abroad and edited it to make it black and white. Then I took it to Canva to add the text.

I replied to Sandy Brown Jensen’s photo with a few changes. This was my favorite TDC of the week! It was really fun seeing everyone’s creativity come together! To create this, I screenshot Sandy’s image and uploaded it to Canva. There,  I had to add the Happy Halloween caption because it’s October and the image looked spooky! To go with the Halloween theme, I decided to add masks to two of the people’s (or aliens’?) faces. I used images from Canva and adjusted the size of them to fit over their faces. I even tilted the pink mask to match the being’s eyes!

Finally, I described my least favorite job on the planet. I don’t usually get to use creative writing in my TDC’s, so this was a nice change up. Also, Emily agreed with me! Being a dentist would be awful…

Moving onto the assignments. The assignments this week were not that bad. It was primarily all of the preliminary work to set up the group, the idea for the show, and the name that took the most time…

The first assignment I published was to record a quote. Even though this did not necessarily relate to the radio show, I still made it relate to my character. I enjoyed this assignment, as I do with any assignment involving quotes! If you have not seen the post, check it out to guess who the author of the quote is!

To Thine Own Self be True

Next, I created an ad to be used during our radio show. I related this back to my character as well. The ad was actually helpful in helping me continue to think about my character’s story trajectory. It allowed me to think about the different parts of her life and what decisions might be coming up for her. It was also fun! I enjoy making the short audio clips, like the bumper and this ad.

Queen Gwendolyn’s College

My final assignment took the most amount of work. It will also probably be the bulk of my contribution to the audio content of the radio show. It is a story about my character, Ella. It also includes some dialogue between Ella and her mother in some terrible Irish accents! It took a lot of planning and editing to create, but I like how it turned out and the story it creates. It is crazy how much time it can take to create less than 5 minutes worth of content!

Ella & Gwendolyn

Next up, I created the poster for our show! I enjoyed getting to do a little bit of design in a week filled with audio. I am enjoying Canva more and more!

Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations?

Finally, check out my review of the radio show progress we made this week. It was a stressful week, but I am proud of what we have already been able to accomplish. I like my group, but group projects are difficult to coordinate, and I have yet to find something to make them easier. At least we are almost to Fall Break!

Radio Show Review

Stay tuned for Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations? Radio Show!!

All by Design

I really enjoyed this week. It was one of the more artistic, and less technological weeks, which I appreciated. I enjoy learning about new websites, apps, and technologies, but it takes a lot of time and energy. I enjoyed getting to spend a week thinking about ideas and creative things. I also really enjoyed the assignments for design! I feel like maybe I did not notice them the first week when we just had to do a few assignments from every category because otherwise I probably would have done some of these.

First, I started off the week by looking into  The Vignelli Canon and Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book and seeing what insights they had to offer. Both of these articles helped me to see design in a new light and to value it more than I ever have before. It is an art but also a very practical skill.

It was Designed that Way…

For my first assignment (2 stars), I created a Word Cloud for Ella, my character. I really enjoy Word Clouds, and I think they help to make sense of the stories you create. It was helpful to see which words I emphasized in my stories about Ella. On one hand, I want the major themes to be clear, but on the other hand, I want to be using diverse language when talking about my character. I honestly think that Word Clouds are helpful tools for all writers. As far as the design element, I love the use of words in design. I love beautiful quotes and using words to create pictures, like word clouds. I love when words can be combined with design to create new meaning.

Ella’s Words are in the Cloud

Next, I saw the Henge in the Post Card I created (3 stars). I once again really enjoyed this assignment and getting to reminisce about my time abroad. We went to Stonehenge our first full weekend in England, and thinking about the experience, brings back so many memories of my friends.

I saw the Henge

I then compared Oxford to Harry Potter, in an interesting light (2.5 stars)… I used the Contradiction Creation to portray my interesting feelings about Oxford. People act like it is this mystical, magical place while in actuality, it is an exclusionary, stressful environment. Oxford students are very intelligent, but it is not necessarily a fun place to be… The beautiful picture I took of Oxford portrays the beautiful architecture and sky, but not the exclusivity and stress.

Is Oxford like Hogwarts?

I then got to play/ create a sort of game with images (3 stars). I thought this assignment was fun and really helpful. I like activities where I get to practice simplifying. I tend to be a wordy person who uses more information than necessary, so I enjoyed being constrained to four images.

Guess the Story

Finally, I got to create a Motivational Poster for my character (2 stars). I feel like I have developed a relationship with Ella now after writing about her for weeks. I care about her and know what she is going through. I would love to be able to send her quotes or create Motivational Posters for her. Quotes are some of my favorite things for every situation! I thought this quote and image were particularly fitting and fun!

Be a Fruit Loop

I also got to try my hand at another Blitz- this time a Design one! This activity was very helpful in making me realize the designs that surround me in my everyday life. This activity was particularly helpful with the readings I did earlier in the week. The combination of the activity and readings opened my eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities that design creates. It is much more important than I previously gave it credit for!

In the Mist of a Design Blitz

My first Daily Create went great with our theme this week! I got to showcase my friend and all of the cool designs that she has on her laptop, including a sticker from the DKC! I was hunting around Ball for a cool design, and then when I came back into the room, I saw my friend working on her laptop and noticed all of the cool designs on it!

My second Daily Create involved doing some image editing with Bat Boy, whom I had actually never heard of before. I first looked into Bat Boy to get a better understanding of who he was. Then, I got an image of him from Google Images. I then started thinking about what I wanted to create. I decided that I wanted to add Bat Boy to one of my photos from abroad to show that he had made his way to Europe. I initially wanted to use one of my pictures from the Eiffel Tower, but then I came across the picture I ended up using. It looks like I am next to an open window, which would be the perfect place for Bat Boy to fly by and photo bomb through. I uploaded the image from abroad into GIMP and then I added the image of Bat Boy on top. I then erased the background from the Bat Boy photo using various brush sizes so that it would look like Bat Boys head was flying right through the air. I also like how the picture kind of looks like I notice him and am excited. I am not sure that would be my actual reaction, but who knows…

My final Daily Create was my favorite of the week (although also the hardest!). I used GIMP to showcase my dog, another one of my favorite things to do. The prompt was to insert ourselves into an old television show, but I chose to use my dog instead because I felt like she fit the idea better. Her name is Lucy, so why not try to replace Lucille Ball with my Lucy! I do love Lucy! I found an image of the cast of I Love Lucy on Google Images, and then I looked for a picture of my dog that would fit well over Lucy. I then edited the picture of my dog to be black and white. I first tried to put the I Love Lucy picture into GIMP first, but then when I tried to edit the picture of my dog by erasing the background, it started to erase the I Love Lucy image as well. Then, I tried uploading my dog’s picture first, erasing the background, and then bringing in the I Love Lucy image. The problem with this was that I had a really hard time getting the picture of my dog to come forward… I eventually was successful, but then some weird box popped up on the side of the picture that I did not know how to get rid of. I ended up just cropping the image slightly to “fix” that. I adjusted the size of my dog over Lucy Ball and then there it was! I love how it turned out, although it was a long process to create…

I really enjoyed this week! Now I see design as much more than what I originally thought. I enjoyed noticing other people’s unique designs and creating my own!



Scariest Week so Far!

This was definitely the scariest week for me so far. I have been dreading the audio week and have been nervous about it from the beginning. I have never done any sort of audio editing and had never used Audacity or SoundCloud before this class… It ended up turning out pretty alright.

I started the week off by downloading Audacity, trying it out, watching Jad Abumrad’s videos, and listening to Moon Graffiti. These activities got me to think about the broader picture of what audio storytelling is and entails. I think of audio storytelling as the oldest form of storytelling, and I like the idea of it. This made me somewhat less scared for the week because I enjoy telling oral stories, I just needed to figure out the technical components. I feel like the most interesting part of this course is that it combines the ancient art of storytelling with modern technology.

What if…

I then decided to give the Sound Effects Story (3.5 stars) a chance. I came up with the New York City subway idea because it reminded me of my summer in NYC and was a clear idea. It was interesting using Audacity, but I eventually got the hang of it. I did not find Audacity to be particularly intuitive. At first, I was struggling to do just basic things like cut part of a sound clip, until my friend kindly informed me that I had to actually stop the audio to edit it… I eventually came up with a Sound Effects Story.

Summer in NYC

I then did my favorite Assignment of the week- the Ted Talk Pronunciation Practice Assignment (3 stars). I really enjoyed getting to work on my diction and speaking skills! I had never done an exercise like that before, where I was watching how someone spoke and pronounced and trying to imitate him. I also got to use iMovie to record my voice and edit it, which I am much more comfortable with than Audacity.

My Very own TED Talk… Kind of

I then participated in the Monday and Tuesday night live “tweet-alongs,” which I really enjoyed. Although at times I found it somewhat hard to focus, I really enjoyed listening to the stories. The accents and characters were great! I really enjoyed hearing an old story told in modern times. I always find it interesting to see modern interpretations of old stories, seeing which pieces are kept or left or changed.

Taking it Back

For 3.5 stars, I got to share a song that means a lot to me and why it means so much to me for the What a Song Might Mean to You Assignment. I really enjoy assignments like these that involve talking about quotes, songs, or pictures that mean something special to you. I love hearing a personal story about a piece of mass media, or in this case, sharing one. The song Greenlight, which oddly enough I hated the first time I heard, now has a special place in my heart. It is really cool having a sensory item, like a song, connect me to such a special experience.

We only got one life….

For my final assignment, I did the Quote with a New Feeling Assignment (2.5 stars) for Ella Maguire. I was excited about this assignment and felt like it might be a good one to do for my character. Quotes mean a lot to me, and people’s favorite or choice of quotes can say a lot about them. I chose a quote that I would tell to Ella based on her current situation and feelings. I looked for a good quote about change because if there was one thing I could give Ella, it would be the gift of knowing that change can be both hard and good.

No Butterflies…

After finishing my assignments, I moved on to work on the DS106 radio bumper. This was an assignment I deliberately left for the end, in the hopes that I would have learned tools throughout the week to make it easier. It ended up being easier than I thought, and actually enjoyable! I found a fun beat that I liked and came up with a cool slogan. I think part of what holds me back in this class is my perfection. I want everything I do to be really good, which can prevent me from trying things. This was my first time using Audacity, it was not necessarily going to be great, and that is okay. I am learning new skills, so it is okay to not be perfect. I have to keep reminding myself this!

Making our own Radio

After creating the Radio Bumper, I started thinking about radio show ideas. This was fun to just let the creative juices flow and think up ideas. Brainstorming is fun because things don’t have to be perfect or feasible, you just have to keep thinking of ideas! Any idea goes! I enjoyed this process and am excited to see what other ideas people came up with!

King Arthur!

I did my three Daily Creates too! I think this week’s Daily Creates were some of my favorite! I finally was able to download GIMP and had some fun with that! I also got to think about my time abroad and my favorite TV show. It was great!

Daily Creates Crazeee

This week pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I love sounds, music, and talking, but the new technologies scared me. I think my perfection gets in the way when I have to learn new tools, skills, or techniques. I want to work on trying new things without worrying so much about the outcome, and I think this week was a helpful start!