Mark the Monster and Ed Sheeran return!!

I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to do for my final 4 stars of Website Assignments. I initially wanted to create Buzzfeed quiz for the Buzzfeed Assignment, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to create an account or use an account I had created… I stumbled upon the Inklewriter Storytelling Assignment (4.5 stars), though, and decided I would give it a shot. It was actually more fun than I expected, which does seem to be a theme of mine for this class…

I had to decide what type of story I wanted to write, and I decided to continue off of the story I created connecting my three Daily Creates this week. It was really easy and simple to use. I would just type part of the story, decide on a decision the reader could make and go from there. It was a little confusing making sure I finished out all of the storylines and connecting them all together, but I think I got it. I am also hoping I did not lose any of the story lines. I was not completely sure how it all worked and what each button did. I had never used a site like this before. It reminded me somewhat of Fanfiction, maybe because it was allowing the readers to contribute to the story.

It was also interesting when I created a decision but knew which one I would choose. It was really easy to write one continuation of the story but then harder to continue off of the story I did not really want to happen. Although this is true, I had some fun writing the endings I might not have gotten to myself. It helped me see the story from different perspectives. I honestly think this was a great creative writing exercise to test different endings and push my creativity. Sure, anyone can come up with one story with one ending, but try coming up with one story that is unique and detailed enough to have three or four or more endings…

Check out my crazy story here!


My Dream Vacay

For the Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest Assignment (3.5 stars), I had two main themes- both inspired by my semester abroad in Bath, England. The first of my dream vacations is to go to New Zealand and Australia. Some of my friends and I went on a bus tour for Spring Break with many Kiwis and Australians, and they definitely made me want to visit. Both countries are absolutely beautiful, and I think they would be locations where I could do the things I love to do the most while traveling- eating cool things, seeing beautiful nature, and doing adventurous things like zip lining and hiking. I pinned different beautiful locations around these places, as well as some cool and free things to do in New Zealand. I also found some posts about celebrating New Years in Sydney as well as seeing the Southern Lights in New Zealand and Australia. Luckily, they speak English, and I have friends I could stay with. I would have to get some plane tickets, though… and it is a long plane ride! I will just have to stay for a while!

The other place that would be a Dream Vacation of mine would be returning to Bath. I already miss it and the people I met there. Maybe not now, but eventually, I would love to go back- maybe with some of the people I met while there. I pinned different gorgeous places that reminded me of the place I called home for a semester. I have never actually looked Bath up on Pinterest, so this was a fun exercise. It was so cool seeing beautiful pictures of places I had been too! I also pinned a website that talks about the different coffee shops in Bath, many of which I had been to. I went to several coffee shops a week in Bath- they were my favorite place to go with friends or to do work!

This was a fun exercise that allowed me to reminisce about Bath and plan a future trip to New Zealand and Australia. Check out my Dream Vacay here!

Google Drawwww

The Google Draw Something Assignment (2.5 stars) was fun and easy! At first, I did not realize what was going on because I kept thinking, “Man, that did not feel like 20 seconds, why did they take my drawing away??” Then, I realized that Google was guessing my drawing while I was creating it. I thought that I would have twenty seconds to draw, and Google would guess at the end. I am also somewhat surprised because looking at my drawings, I think the drums drawing looks better than a lot of my other ones that Google was not able to guess. I also wonder how this works and what the neural network is… It was cool and fun, but I do not quite get how it works…


Albus Dumbledore

At first when I saw that we had to do the Storytelling Within the Web assignment, I was pretty concerned. It looked very hard, and I was unsure how I would do it. Once I downloaded the X-Ray Goggles and realized I needed to use them in Mozilla Firefox since they are a Mozilla tool, it was much easier (and more fun!) than I expected. I downloaded the tool, and dragged it to my bookmarks bar. Then, I tried one of the example learning tools the Mozilla Goggles had to learn how to use it. It seemed easy, but I was hoping that this was not just because it was supposed to be an easy example.

I then went to look at other examples of what other students had done in the past- there were some cool ideas! I first wanted to look at Amazon, until an idea came to me- Rate My Professor! I could create a Rate My Professor page for a character professor using an existing page! I decided to use my dad’s page because he is a professor at the University of Maryland, so this way I did not have to use a UMW professor’s page. I started with changing the name, then the school, and where the school is located. I then started changing the tags, but I realized that they were connected to the comments, so I could not add more tags than already existed. There were only two which was somewhat of a disappointment, but this way, I had to pick Dumbledore’s most important characteristics.

I then started changing the comments around. I changed the class to Transfiguration for all of them because that is the class that Dumbledore taught at Hogwarts. I kept some pieces of the written comments and changed pieces to fit Hogwarts and Dumbledore better. I also decided to make the final comment negative because I am sure that not everyone at Hogwarts likes Dumbledore. I tried to make the comment sound like a bitter Slytherin because I imagine that there are definitely some at Hogwarts. The problem with changing the comment to make it negative was that I had to change the face graphic, the Overall Quality and Level of Difficulty numbers and colors of the numbers. There are all of these automatic features on this website that you have to remember to touch up once you make changes to it. I had to find a another professor who had negative comments to see what the negative face is named. Along with this, I also had to change the average Level of Difficulty at the top because I had changed the numbers that make up that average.

Finally, I went through and changed the dates of the comments. I was not certain when Dumbledore was a professor at Hogwarts, but it was not as recent as the 2000’s. I actually did some research on Dumbledore, what he taught, when he taught, and what type of professor he was because I have never actually read the Harry Potter books… A lot of my friends and family members have, though, and they have told me how great Dumbledore is. I got most of my information on him here. There are some dedicated fans out there!

This was much more fun than I expected! It was really easy to change the website page, and it was fun! It was cool creating a story with an existing template. Check out Dumbledore’s Rate My Professor Page here!

Dorm Sweet Dorm

To begin using the Assignment Deck, I chose the Create Your Own Room assignment from the Web Assignments category. I was excited to dream up what I would want my dream room to look like and to actualize it (in a sense) through Pinterest. Bringing my vision for my room to life through Pinterest was fun and satisfying because it was so fun to find pictures that someone else took of real items that matched what I would want in my room. I love using Pinterest to find funny animal pictures, inspiring quotes, and gluten free recipes, but I have not really explored all that it has to offer for decor. I have also never used it to create a board with a goal, such as with this assignment. This assignment allowed me to use Pinterest, a tool I have used for a while, in a new way.

To get to my final Dream Room Board, I searched for different items or ideas I was looking for on Pinterest, and then I pinned the pieces I wanted to use to make up my dream room to my Dream Room Board. Pinterest also suggested different searches based on what I was pinning, so some of the pieces I found were from the suggestions.

I began by thinking about what parts of myself and what I like I would want to be represented in my room. I started with the color- yellow. I would want this to be the main color in my room because it has been my favorite color for most of my life. It can be hard to find accessories in yellow, so I enjoyed getting to explore all of the yellow options Pinterest had to offer- from pretty decorations with yellow walls to sunflower decorations to wall decorations. I then moved onto elephants, which are my favorite animal, so much so that last year, every one of my friends gave me elephant paraphernalia for Christmas- from a tapestry to a scarf to earrings to socks. I love everything elephants, and I also love the designs and styles that usually contain elephants. I have even considered getting an elephant tattoo! I found throw pillows, wall decorations, and even light switch covers with elephants that I thought were beautiful and would love to fill my room with! I then moved on to yoga-themed items for the room because I am a yoga instructor and love the meaning of yoga. I found a beautiful door decoration, some hanging decorations, and wall decorations that represented different parts of yoga. I also like the bohemian style and picked several pieces that I came across that represented that style. I feel like elephants and yoga fit in well with the bohemian style. I am also a huge fan of quotes, so I connected what I usually use Pinterest for to its new use. I looked for different ways in which I could arrange quotes on the wall of my dream room. Finally, I love swings and have always dreamed of having one in my room. I found two different options- a regular swing or a bed swing- either or both of which I would love to have in a room of mine!

What would you want in your dream room? How would you design it?