Taking it Back

I felt like I was in the 50’s or 60’s this week with the live “tweet-along.” It was not because of the tweeting but rather the radio show. In the 50’s or 60’s, popular radio shows would be played in the evenings of weekdays, much like TV shows now. I have heard of people doing that and seen it in movies, but I have always wondered what it was like to listen to the radio instead of watching TV. I have always wondered what it was like with everyone tuning into a radio show at the same time nightly, instead of a TV show. It was cool getting to experience that this week.

I always wondered how people were able to sit through an hour-long radio program without getting bored or zoning out. I think what someone said on Twitter was right- we are losing our ability as a society to pay attention in this way. We have a million stimuli competing for our attention from YouTube to Facebook to Twitter to friends and noises in person. It is hard for us to sit for an hour and actively pay attention to what we are listening to instead of zoning out. Several people mentioned as well that it was hard to know where to look and how to stay focused. It was definitely an interesting experience. I feel like the live tweeting helped me to stay focused on the story. Seeing other people’s comments also allowed me to catch things I missed or make sure I was on track with the story.

It made a difference that we were all listening in at the same time. It built a sort of community and definitely created an atmosphere where we could build off of each other’s thoughts. I enjoyed feeling like different people from my class were all listening at the same time as me. I enjoyed getting to see other people’s comments and responding. I felt like this activity made me feel more connected to people in our class, which can be hard with an online class.

Some of my favorite tweets from the live “tweet-along” were: