Eat, Pray, Travel

The Your Life IS A Movie (3 stars) is my favorite assignment so far!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it; it also, unsurprisingly, took me a long time… I will always be grateful for the amount of footage I got abroad and in NYC; it has made so many of these assignments much easier.

I was initially excited about this assignment, but I did not realize how fun it could be! I thought about different movies’ trailers that I could use for it… I eventually decided on Eat, Pray, Love’s trailer (not that I have actually seen the movie), but because I think it has a similar sentiment to what I have experienced this year. Going abroad and then living in NYC was huge for me. I met some amazing people from all over the world and country, I saw some amazing, ancient sites and nature, and I learned so much about myself as a person. I loved getting to create this video to show that. I also loved creating a video getting to include so many of the amazing people I met abroad.

I downloaded the trailer from YouTube using the 4K Downloader. I skipped a little bit of the beginning because I did not need all of it. Then, I put the clips I wanted to use in my video together using iMovie on my phone. I uploaded that video to YouTube. Then I downloaded it and pulled it into the iMovie file with the actual trailer I downloaded from YouTube. I cut the video I created up into different parts and arranged them, making sure I liked the way it flowed. This was the part that took the most time! I wanted the pieces to fit with the audio. I had some fun with this, though!

I matched up my balancing on a tree with the main character talking about finding her balance, I matched myself jumping in front of the Eiffel Tower with a cool sound effect, I matched the line about the main character needing to find a man with my friends and I talking, I matched up the tour guide line with my friends’ performance, I matched the castle and moat part, and I had my friends in NYC waving when it talked about that in the music. Of course there are parts I would make adjustments to if I had more time, but it was hard because all the pieces randomly flowed together and weren’t separate clips, so it was hard to cut them just right. All in all, though, this was an awesome assignment, and I love the outcome!!


I’m Scared….

For my second assignment, I decided to do the Two Movies, One Line Assignment (3.5 stars). This was a fun and easy assignment! I really enjoyed creating it! As soon as I saw the assignment, I knew that I wanted to use horror movies! I decided to use the clip from The Shining where Danny tells Tony that he is scared after something scary from another movie. I found the other clip from Scary Movie 2 and thought that it would be a good, creepy line to go first, even if the movie is meant to be a spoof.

After I found the clips, I used 4K Downloader to download the clips from YouTube. Then, I pulled the clips into iMovie and edited them to fit together. I then saved the video as a file and uploaded it. I really enjoyed the creativity behind this assignment and found it really fun!! I think this was an assignment that took more brain power to think of the idea rather than create it.


Looking Back

For the Mash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself Assignment (3.5 stars), I decided to create a video that included many of my Daily Creates and design pieces! I decided that I had to use Pitbull’s Greenlight for the background because I have used the song for several of my other assignments. It was fun looking back on all the different images I have created!! I also realized how many pictures I used from abroad- I am so glad I went abroad, if for nothing else, it gave me great content to use for DS106!

To create the video, I used iMovie. I brought the clip from YouTube I had previously downloaded for another project into iMovie. Then, I started adding images to create the video.I dragged the various Daily Creates and design pieces from my desktop into iMovie. I decided that twenty seconds each would be a good time for each image, so I adjusted the time for each image. I made sure that each image looked okay and flowed well from one to another. Then, I added a title. Once I liked the way it looked and sounded, I downloaded it as a file and uploaded it to YouTube.



Video Part 2!

This week was pretty good. The hardest part was finding a way to get enough stars using my character! The further we go along, the harder it is to find new and exciting ways to use my character. It is hard to commit to the same storyline, and also keep it interesting and follow the ideas I have while fitting into the media format of the week. This week took our previous work to the next level, and I feel like there were higher and more detailed expectations for our videos this week.

The Daily Creates this week were fun!

First, I got to use signs to talk about Baboons! I used Gimp to combine two signs I found on Google Images to create this funny image!

I got to think about my Bucket List for my second Daily Create! I really enjoyed thinking about something that I have wanted to do that would be (seemingly) easy to do. I also really enjoyed getting to see other people’s ideas!

For my Final Daily Create, I got to think back to a distant memory, which was really fun! I loved getting to look back at old pictures, and it was crazy thinking about how long ago this memory actually was!!

For my first assignment, I made a video of Ella Maguire’s Health Elixir (4 stars), which was perfect timing! I had been meaning to create this concoction for myself anyway because I was sick. This was a great video to show more of who Ella is- it actually shows one of the ways in which she uses her powers. This video ties into the theme of Myths and Legends because many myths and legends have elixirs or potions that play a large role in the plot. This video showed more of the details behind one of these elixirs!

Ella Maguire’s Health Elixir

For my next assignment, I created a video describing my favorite character, Susan Cooper (3 stars)!! I really enjoyed this assignment. I was so glad to finally be able to download videos from YouTube to use in my project! Being able to download videos from YouTube allows me to be able to do and create more.

Meet Susan Cooper

My next assignment was my first (and probably last) lyric video (4.5 stars). It was fun, it was cool, but it was hard! I had no idea the precision and time it takes to create a lyric video! They are much more involved than they look! I also added a lot of pictures and spent time adjusting them. I wanted to use the lyric video to also tell the story of my Spring Break week. The pictures are almost all in chronological order and follow my friends and I from London to Paris to Bordeaux to San Sebastian to Barcelona. It was a fun project and I will definitely cherish the video, but I am not sure I would want to try it again… I also do not think that iMovie was the ideal tool for what I was trying to do….

My First (and Probably Last) Lyric Video

For my final assignment, I went back to my character, Ella, and created a video about her favorite things (3 stars). This video shares some of Ella’s backstory and allowed me to elaborate more on her. This video ties in with the Myths and Legends theme because it gives more details into Ella’s life, and many myths and legends have backstories and spend time elaborating on the details of the characters’ lives. I struggled to find one more video I wanted to create for my character. This video was actually much easier to create than I expected. I think I am not yet good at being able to tell how hard or easy an assignment will be. The lyric video was much harder than I expected it to be while the Of Most Importance! video was much easier.

Ella’s Favorite Things

This week was fun, and I learned a lot about creating videos. I figured out how to effectively download YouTube videos to edit. I made my first lyric video! I also got to make some fun videos! I got to think more about my character, and of course use my creativity! I liked how this week allowed me to expand on my video skills from last week and push myself a little further in my content. This week also allowed me to connect different ideas I had learned throughout the course.






Ella’s Favorite Things

For my final assignment, I decided to do the Of Most Importance! Assignment (3 stars) for my character, Ella. I thought it would be fun to come up with some of her favorite things! At first, I thought of her magic/ witchcraft- of course! Then, I thought about her mother, who is the most important person in her life. I then thought about her excitement to go away to university, and the university she is most excited about hopefully attending. I then thought about what else might be one of Ella’s favorite things, and I came up with school (her education and current school) and yoga/ meditation (one her hobbies that helps her release stress from her day).

After brainstorming Ella’s five favorite things, I went to Google Images to find pictures to represent them. Here is where I got the picture of the mother and her child. Here is where I got the picture of yoga. Here is where I got the picture of the textbook. Here is where I got the picture of the university. Here is where I got the picture of “magic.” I then uploaded the pictures to iMovie. I arranged the pictures in iMovie to make each one approximately 30 seconds. Then, I recorded my voice in five segments talking about each of Ella’s favorite things. I adjusted the length of the images to match the clips, and I cut the ends of the clips.

I then went to the YouTube Audio Library to find a background song. I decided on Eighty Miles. It was not long enough to play for the entire video, so I copied and pasted it after it ended. I adjusted the volume of the song and clips of my voice. I made the song fade at the end of the video. I then added a title to the beginning and credits at the end. I credited myself as the director, the different websites where I got the pictures, and the YouTube Audio Library for the audio. I extended the song and last image for a little longer to go with the credits.

Once I played through the video and liked it, I downloaded it as a file and uploaded it to YouTube. This video was easier to create than I expected! I enjoy the videos where I get to record myself!



My First (and Probably Last) Lyric Video

I am finally done!!! This lyric video for the Create a Lyric Video Assignment (4.5 stars) took forever….. I will never again say how easy it looks to make a lyric video!! It is a lot of tedious work….

I decided to do this assignment because it looked easy and fun (that’s what I thought before doing it….). I decided that I would create a lyric video for the song that was used to represent our Contiki trip across Spain and France- Greenlight by Pitbull- using pictures from our trip to make it interesting. First, I downloaded the official music video for Greenlight to use for my lyric video’s audio. I then uploaded the video to iMovie. Then, I downloaded all of the pictures from my Spring Break trip that I could find on Facebook. I then added them to iMovie. I then went to Google to find the exact lyrics to the song- they popped right up when I searched it into Google; it only lists the songwriters (Armando Perez / Tramar Dillard / Gamal Lewis / Henry Walter / Lukasz Gottwald / Noel Fisher), not a website to link to.

I then started working on the video in iMovie. To create it, I would add a picture and then add a title for approximately each new line. I would try to add each new line approximately when it came during the song. After typing in the new line, I would listen to it back and adjust the length of the title; then I would add the next line and repeat. I would add a new picture every few lines or so. I went through and did this for the whole song, constantly checking the lyrics to make sure I was typing them correctly. It took a lot for my computer to process the audio, the short titles, and the pictures, but we made it through! You can see from the picture below how many titles and how short/ small they were!

I do no think iMovie is the best tool for creating lyric videos, or maybe I did not use it in the most effective way possible. The font got really small for some of the longer lines, which meant, I could never put two lines on one slide. The lyrics go through pretty fast because I was unable to fit many words on each slide. Most of the lyric videos I have seen, have several lines on each slide and do not move so quickly. I was unable to figure out how to do this with my technique.

I also was unable to find a tool that would allow me to separate the audio from the image that I downloaded, so iMovie had to process the images I was adding as well as the images that were part of the initial music video… This whole experience was definitely a learning process. If I had to go back, I would probably do more research in the beginning to see if there were easier ways to do what I was hoping to do…



Meet Susan Cooper

When I saw the Character Description Assignment (3 stars), I knew I wanted to do it because I wanted to work with my favorite character from my favorite movie, Susan Cooper from Spy!! Last week, I did my Video Essay for a scene from Spy, but this week, I got to create a video dedicated to introducing people to my favorite character from Spy, Susan Cooper!!

To create this video, I used the clip I downloaded for my Video Essay, and I downloaded clips on YouTube for Scenes 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 in the video using the 4K Video Downloader tool. I uploaded the clips to iMovie one by one and edited them to get the one or two parts I wanted from each clip for the video.

In this video, I wanted to show Susan Cooper’s progression as a character from a timid computer agent to her attempts to be a field agent, with very few people believing in her, to an incredible field agent and fighter. She has to constantly fight people’s expectations of her and believe in herself. We even get to see her give herself a pep talk while out in the field in the video! She becomes more confident and skilled as this video and the movie progress.

Once I liked the various scenes I cut together, and I liked how the video flowed, I added a title to the beginning scene and then credits at the end. I credited the YouTube accounts that I got the videos from, as well as naming myself as the director of this video. At the end, I went through to make sure the volume was consistent throughout and to make adjustments. Once I liked the video, I saved it as a file on my computer and uploaded it to YouTube!


Ella Maguire’s Health Elixir

I was inspired by my own sickness to do the 2 Minute Silent Documentary Assignment (4 stars) first. Ella Maguire has come down with a cold, like many of us this time of year! Lucky for Ella, she can create a simple elixir to heal her symptoms and cold. Not just anyone could follow the recipe and be able to create a healing elixir. This video shows people how Ella creates her elixir, and if they themselves are witches, they will be able to create the elixir as well.

To create the video, I took different videos of myself creating the elixir in my kitchen using my phone propped up in different areas. The elixir is something I am actually currently drinking to feel better. Oil of oregano has anti-viral properties, warm water and honey help the throat feel better, and apple cider vinegar helps boost the immune system. I used iMovie on my phone to edit the videos together into one video using a few transitions.

I also cut and split the different clips to get just the important parts. I then went through and muted all of the different clips, so that the video could be silent. I then needed a title slide and a credits slide. I decided to create these on paper and use pictures for them. In my journal, in cursive, I wrote the name of the recipe for the title slide, including the creator’s name. I wrote the ingredients down for the credits slide because no other media was used. I added the pictures to the video and adjusted the transitions for the pictures to focus on the important parts of them. Then, when I liked the video, I uploaded it from my phone to YouTube.

Stay healthy!!

Mountain Dew- Eat Fresh??

This picture looks kind of mixed up- probably because it was created (early!) for Mashup week as an example for the assignment I created.

I created this mixed up ad for the Logo Switch Up Assignment (2 stars). To create this ad, I took a Subway ad and thought about logos that look similar. Then, I thought about the Mountain Dew logo because it uses green as well, and has two different colors. I found a picture of the Mountain Dew ad online here. I used the Subway ad from this website. To put the ad together, I pulled both of the images into Gimp. I adjusted the size, and proportion of the Mountain Dew logo to cover the Subway logo because I was unable to erase the Subway logo and make it green rather than white. It was pretty easy to do, which is why I made it two stars. I think it’s a funny assignment!

Roll the Tape!

This was a fun week! I was not quite sure about the video essay, but even that was fun! Cinema and videography have always been art forms that I have admired, so it was cool getting some actual technical knowledge about how they are created.

For my first assignment, I got to look back on my college years (2 stars). I really enjoyed getting to look at some of the amazing memories I have collected along the way. It was fun creating the video!

College Flies By!!

For my second assignment, I did a  short and fun one and created a Boomerang of my room (1 star)! I partially did this assignment to just get myself to download the Boomerang app. I had been wanting to do so for a while but had not yet.


For my next assignment, I made a stop motion video (3 stars) using M&M’s! I have always wanted to create one, so this was a fun opportunity. It was harder than I expected, though…

STOP! Motion

Then, I had some fun with sign language (1 star)! I took ASL in high school, so I enjoyed getting to revisit it in video format. It was another quick, easy, and fun assignment!

Guess the Word!

For my next 3 stars, I took videos of my feet as I wandered around Richmond, particularly Belle Isle with friends! We had a blast, and I enjoyed getting to document it in an interesting way.


For my final two stars, I decided to make another stop motion video for my #SixSecondArt! It was fun getting to give stop motion another try. I love the way they look when they are finished. I also enjoyed getting to use a quote in this one. I always love when I get to use quotes in assignments!!

Worth It

I then went on to create the Video Essay. The information we were supposed to read and watch before creating the Video Essay was pretty interesting! It made me think much more critically about scenes I have seen so many times. It made me look at cinematography in a different light. I also enjoyed getting to talk about a funny scene from my favorite movie! Creating the Video Essay was actually kind of fun, once I realized how to download the scene from YouTube.


I also did my two Daily Creates!

First, I got to create my own word! I thought about words that I sometimes accidentally say when I am talking too fast and combine words, and this one came to mind! I used Shakespeare’s rule of combining two words into one.

Then, for Halloween, I was able to tell a spooky story! It was not exactly a ghost story, but I think ghosts can come to us in our dreams, and maybe that is what my great-grandfather’s ghost did… Either way, the story is definitely spooky!

This week was pretty fun! I enjoyed finally finding a way to download YouTube videos and getting to try techniques I had wanted to but never had. I do not know why I keep freaking out about certain assignments because for the most part, they end up turning out alright!