Creating the Story of Ella Maguire

At first, I was kind of nervous about this final project, but it ended up being really fun!! I decided that one of the best ways to depict Ella’s story was to look at her friends and the people she surrounds herself with. I thought an all-inclusive video could be the big, cumulative piece. I then decided that I could make individual pieces as well for each of the nine chosen friends. I then wanted to look at Ella’s future and use some different types of media to depict it. I went back to my trusty Pinterest to create two different boards to show what Ella’s mind is focused on as she prepares for University. I then wrote a blog post that was a letter to Ella’s future roommate because that is another piece of moving on that Ella is nervous and excited about. Clearly, the people she is surrounded by are important to Ella!

First, I created the Pinterest boards for both Ella’s Witchcraft thoughts and interests, as well as her ideas for her dorm. I had fun looking for witch-y things on Pinterest. Then, for Ella’s room, I decided that a bohemian theme would fit her free spirited, magical personality. Once again, I had a lot of fun picking out the decor. The letter to Ella’s roommate was also interesting to write. It allowed me, as the author, to put myself into my characters shoes and think about what she wants in someone she will live with at her Witch University. It also helped me start thinking of ways to depict Ella’s current friends.

To start depicting Ella’s current friends, I decided to create a GIF for each one. I have a lot of videos of friends from abroad and NYC, so I decided to see which friends I had enough footage of to put into the video and created GIFs for each of them. I used GIPHY and had a lot of fun creating them!! I think GIFs are my favorite thing I have learned to create this semester. I loved depicting Ella’s friends’ personalities in these funny clips. After creating the nine clips, I decided to come up with a modern Irish name for each of my friends I was using to represent Ella’s friends. I used the first initial of all of their names, and changed them to Irish names because Ella is Irish.






After coming up with the names, I created photo collages for each of the friends. I used Shutterfly to do so. Then, I took screenshots of the resulting collages. Once the individual pieces were done, I tackled the most complicated part–the video. I went through each of the nine friends and put all the clips I could find of them together, one followed after the other, in iMovie on my phone because I did not have the ability to send the videos straight to my computer. I then uploaded the iMovie video to YouTube. I then tried to use the 4K Video Downloader to download the video from YouTube, but it did not work, so I looked into another option. I found on a DS106 tutorial, and it worked.

Once I got the video with all of the clips downloaded, I pulled the video into iMovie and got to work. I muted the sound for all of the clips from the original video. I wanted to find a song for each person, so I found nine different songs that were free to use on YouTube’s Audio Library. I slowly pulled them into iMovie, adjusting the size of them to line up to the section lengths for each person. I also overlapped them just slightly to alleviate any awkward pauses. I then had to write up what I was going to say for each person to thank them. I jotted down notes and then went through to record the different pieces. I recorded each person separately, and several people took several tries because it was hard to get the timing right to match the clip length to the thank you length. For a few of the friends, I had to use two different clips. I went through and listened to make sure it flowed well and to adjust the volumes of the different clips.

I then added titles for each of the friend’s names on the first clip of each friend, and a final Thank You title at the end. I made small adjustments and then downloaded it as a file and uploaded it to YouTube. I decided to just do the voice over in my American voice, rather than an Irish accent, because Ella is practicing her American accent for University. I was pretty proud of this video, combining audio and video!

I really enjoyed getting to create Ella’s story, and it was fun using so many different media forms! I loved getting to connect them together at the end to make a story. It has been fun getting to create the Legend of the Witch Ella Maguire this semester!

I have learned so much from this course, but it has also been fun! I have learned a lot of practical skills and insights from it!

The Story of Ella Maguire

Many myths describe why something is true today. They give context from the past to explain the present. To explain Ella Maguire’s current situation, we are going to look at her recent past. Ella is at a transitional point in her life, so it makes sense to look at what has made her who she is today and what she plans or hopes for her future. The people who are in someone’s life, particularly the ones he or she chooses, show a lot about who she or he is. To explain how Ella became who she is today, we are going to look at the people who Ella surrounded herself with in Upper School.

First, there is Eileen. She is one of Ella’s most recent friends, but also one of the most impactful ones. She has made the largest recent impact on who Ella is and who she sees herself as. Eileen is a runner who suffered a knee injury and had to deal with the mental consequences of overcoming this.

The next friend is another newer one that has been a really reassuring presence in Ella’s life in Upper School–Joy. She is a calm, compassionate, and logical presence in Ella’s life. Ella enjoys spending time with Joy because they have gone through some of the same struggles and can find a way to laugh about them together. They also love complaining about the stress of deciding where to go to university!!

Another one of both Joy and Ella’s close friends is Kiki. She is quirky, fun, funny, and so lovable. She always seems to end up in not so great situations, but she is great at laughing at them and staying positive. She is such a non-judgmental and accepting person.

The last of Ella’s new friends is Brenna. She is one of Ella’s fun friends who loves exploring, adventuring, traveling, and trying new things. They always end up at cool places and having cool experiences when they spend time together. Brenna is also a very nurturing person who Ella feels safe around. Part of the reason Ella has so much fun with Brenna is because she feels comfortable being herself and letting loose around her.

The next of Ella’s friends is Alannah. Although Alannah is small, she can appear like a bulldog when first meeting her. On the outside, she can be intense and somewhat aggressive, but on the inside, she is a very kind, sweet person. Her hard exterior is probably to protect her sweet heart. She is very good at making sure Ella knows how important she is to her and making time for her.

Next up, are Ella’s two friends who have also served as roommates for different functions over the years.

The first is Makayla. Other than Ella’s best friend who is properly being saved for last, Makayla was Ella’s first friend in Upper School. She ending up moving after just the first year, but that has not diminished the bond they have. She still comes to visit once or twice a year, and every time she comes to visit, they act as if they never missed a beat. Makayla gives Ella hope in keeping up with her friends after she goes to university.

The next one of Ella’s friends/ roommates is Skye. She is a very creative and artistic person. She has very different skill sets and interests than Ella, but that is part of why their friendship is beneficial. They give each other perspective and can listen to the other sides of issues. Ella has definitely learned a lot from Skye.

The next important person in Ella’s life from Upper School is Bridget, her boss. Bridget is only a few years older than Ella, but she owns the yoga studio where Ella was trained to teach and teaches yoga. Bridget is such an encouraging presence in Ella’s life. She has always seen the potential in Ella and really took a chance on hiring such a young yoga instructor. Bridget has helped Ella see her value and potential.

Saving the best for last, Ella’s best friend from Upper School, who she met on the very first day, is Annabel. Annabel is a kind, compassionate person who has always appreciated who Ella was. Annabel is always game for whatever crazy plan Ella comes up with or wants to do. Ella has been wanting to tell her for a while that she is a witch, but she has yet to “find the right time.” She knows that Annabel will be okay with whatever, but it is still hard to tell her such a big secret… Annabel has taught Ella to know what she deserves as a human and take nothing less.

Ella has a wide variety of friends and people in her life. She enjoys being around people who are different from her and can help her think in a different way. She likes to do different things with her different friends. The common theme amongst Ella’s friends is that they value her and are compassionate people. Even though Ella is unsure about how to come into being a witch, she has surrounded herself with good people in Upper School and understands, at least to some degree, her worth as a person. To thank all of the many people who have supported her throughout Upper School and reflect on the amazing opportunities she has been given in school, Ella created a video to thank her various friends (She even tried out her American accent while recording it!):

Now that we have looked at who Ella was in Upper School, we should look forward. Where does Ella want to go? What does she hope to do?

Ella wants to go to the US to go to a university for witches. She is nervous to leave her amazing support system in Ireland, but she wants to explore more of the world. Their support in Upper School has allowed her the confidence and self-assurance she needs to go out into the world on her own. She believes in herself and even if she cannot be in person with her support system, she knows that they will be cheering her on from Ireland.

The main reason Ella wanted to go to the US was to go to Queen Guinevere’s College. She wanted to finally be around people her age who were witches as well. She wanted to come into her powers and figure out what it means to be a witch. To prepare for this transition and excitement, Ella started looking into all the different parts of the witching world– palmistry, reading tea leaves, scrying, etc.

Ella is also excited to live away from home and create her space. She has also started planning her bohemian/ hippie dorm room.

Finally, Ella is excited to meet new people in University, especially her roommate. She is hoping to be close with her roommate, kind of like what she has seen in the movies… She has spent time thinking about what her roommate will be like and what she would tell her…

Dear Future Roommate

Ella has had a good yet challenging time in Upper School, but she has so much life to live ahead of her. We are covering just the beginning of her story. She is going out to be a strong, independent, confident woman.

Check out how Ella’s Story was created here!

Looking Back to Look Forward

Many times myths are meant to explain why and how something is today by telling a story from the past. The past is a crucial element of both myths and legends. They are stories from the past that have importance to the present day. To build the Legend of Ella Maguire, I have to pay attention and acknowledge her past. She is preparing to graduate Upper School and move onto University. Before she moves on and makes this huge change in her life, I, as the storyteller, have to set up where she has been.

My plan to create her background is to use the people in her life. The people we surround ourselves with play a huge part in how we act, who we are, and who we become. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at the people in their life, particularly the ones that he or she chooses. To do this for Ella Maguire, I am going to use her friends from Upper School to tell the story of Ella’s life in Upper School and before she makes this huge transition. Although family has a huge impact on people; family does not represent the people we choose for ourselves.

To create this background, I am going to create a Thank You Video from the perspective of Ella. It will string together videos of many of her Upper School friends and then have her talking over the video thanking her friends from Upper School. It will serve as a reflection for Ella as she ends her time in Ireland in school. To prepare for the video, I am going to create GIFs for each of Ella’s friends as little intros to their personalities. I am also going to create photo collages for each one to show who they are.

Finally, Ella is at a transitional point. She is about to leave Upper School, but she is also about to embark on a journey to university in the states! To show this part of Ella’s story, I decided to create two different Pinterest boards. One of the boards is where she is putting ideas for her ideal dorm room. The other board is where she is starting to build her knowledge of all things magical, before going to a university for witches. It looks at tarot card readings, reading tea leaves, crystals, and so many other fun magical things! Finally, I decided to write a letter to Ella’s future roommate through Ella’s point of view. The letter discusses Ella’s hopes for their relationship, Ella’s living style, and her lack of experience both in the US and in the witchcraft world.

This week, I went ahead and created the future pieces.

Here is the Dorm Room Pinterest Board, and here is the Witchcraft Prep Pinterest Board.

Here is Ella’s Letter to her Future Roommate:

Dear Future Roommate

I also created most of the GIFs for Ella’s friends in Upper School:




Ella is preparing for a transition, so I wanted to use different forms of media to look backwards at where she is coming from and to look forward to where she is going. She has an exciting life ahead of her, and I am excited to share her story! My favorite stories are the ones that are character driven, so most of the pieces I am creating to share Ella’s story are about the characters in her life.

Dear Future Roommate

Dear Future Roommate,

I hope we get along. I hope you like me, and I like you. I hope that we can not only live together peacefully and comfortably but also become friends. I hope that we can stay up some nights and talk for hours. I hope you are someone I am happy to come home to, and I hope I am someone you want to come home to.

I am new to the witchcraft thing, although I am a witch! My mom waited until my eighteenth birthday to tell me, though, so I am a little behind…. That is part of why I want to go to this school. I want to be around people like me and understand what it means to be a witch. I want to learn about my powers, not only from my classes, but also from my friends and peers. I hope you won’t mind showing me some of the ropes. Please be patient with me.

I am also from Ireland! And I have never been outside the UK before… I am so excited to explore another part of the world and come to the states, but I am also a little nervous. I will be further away from home than I have ever been, and I will be doing something that I only learned existed less than a year ago! But I’m ready–I hope!! I do have a cool accent, or at least so I have been told.

I am a pretty clean person, but not picky if you are not. I try to clean up after myself, and at least keep my clutter to myself. I go to bed late, but I do not mind if you go to bed early and want to turn the lights out. I will try to be as quiet as possible when I come back or get ready for bed! I am not a morning person, except when I have to be–coffee can be a life saver! If you need to set early alarms, though, I don’t mind. I can sleep like a rock.

I hope we get to learn a lot about each other. I am excited to live with someone else, and hope it is a positive experience for both of us.

Your Hopeful Future Friend,

Ella Maguire

Best of Mashups and Remixes

There was a lot of good work this week! People have obviously learned a lot about all of the different forms of media we have been exposed to this semester! It was a tough choice to choose our five favorites!

The first one is Thats so Proud. It was a very creative idea and was well executed. The beats of the two different TV shows’ trailers fit well together but were still different. She tied them together effectively

thats so proud

This Patrick Star Remix was one of our group’s favorite because it was fun! Who doesn’t love a sneaky Patrick Star in the background? It was a fun addition to the original mashup and fit well with the theme. It also added balance to the piece by adding Patrick to balance the turkey.

What’s Patrick Doing Here?

Another one we loved was this Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows? The shows flowed well, and the layout was nice. The way it flowed from show to show, and then had people guess the shows at the end before revealing them at the end was an effective way to lay out the video. We also really enjoyed the music!!

Can you Guess my Favorite TV Shows?

We really appreciated the “Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink” assignment. The sharks blended in with the original picture beautifully and everyone understands what is happening & why it’s funny. It was a very unique take on the assignment and the final product is awesome!

Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink???

For our final assignment, this one was really interesting since it was a remix of a mashup assignment. It’s 2 different twists added to one picture! Target is a very common current obsession in college students, so many people can relate to the “I’m loving it” caption. The French twist makes it even more interesting and makes it look fancier. It makes us do a double take and want to figure out what it says. It was very creative!

Target goes to France

We were really impressed this week by our fellow DS106ers’ mashup and remix work! We are excited to see what their final projects have in store!

Mashing Things Up

This was a fun week! Some of the assignments were really fun, and I felt like I was able to really tap into my creativity in a different way with many of the assignments! Some of them helped me to think about things in a different way.

First, my Daily Creates!

For my first Daily Create, I got to share my sentiments about Veterans Day! I used a video I found on YouTube and GIPHY to make a gif to share. I love making gifs, especially for such a cool reason!

For my second Daily Create, I got to share some warmth through a haiku and my favorite spot abroad. While I was in Bath, my favorite spot in the whole city was my tree, which was up high on a hill that overlooked the city. It was beautiful, especially as the sun was setting, such as it is in this picture. There is also a quote on the bench that starts, “Warms in the sun…”

For my first assignment, I decided to look back on many of my previous DS106’s pieces with theMash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself Assignment (3.5 stars). I ended up combining them into one collective video incorporating many of my Daily Creates and design assignments. This was a fun assignment that reminded just how many things I have created this semester. Even pieces I did not particularly like got me to use my creative juices and flex my creative muscle, which I do not do as much as I would like to…

Looking Back

For my next assignment, I got to play around with one of my favorite horror movies, The Shining, for the Two Movies, One Line Assignment (3.5 stars). This was a fun and easy assignment! I liked the creative thought that had to go into the backend to come up with how to combine the lines.

I’m Scared….

The next assignment I posted about was actually the one I started first this week, and although it was my favorite, took the longest. I made a movie trailer of my life for the Your Life IS A Movie (3 stars). This was such a fun assignment, and I am really proud of the video I created. I showed it to my best friend, who also went abroad with me, and she was very thrilled and excited. She is an amazing video editor, so I was very appreciative of her compliment!

Eat, Pray, Travel

I loved this assignment so much, I decided to create a tutorial for it! This was my first tutorial, but it went pretty well because I already tend to give pretty detailed descriptions of my processes. I think I gave some helpful tips that would have made my process and brainstorming easier.

Tutorial for My Favorite Assignment

For my final assignment, I had fun with the  Mashing Friends and Emojis Assignment (4 stars) by making my brother an emoji! This picture of him was a perfect match!

My Brother is an Emoji!

For my first remix, I got to create a collage of my places of peace that had a Dr. Seuss twist. I picked mainly places I had traveled to because traveling brings me a sense of peace. I picked Dr. Seuss’ book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go to go with the places I chose. It is also my favorite of his books!

Oh, the Places I (Hope) to Go

For my next remix assignment, I created an image with a quote, but remixed it by writing the words in the quote the opposite way. The quote made no sense, but was also somewhat poetic. I thought it was funny putting the backwards quote over an image!

Quote it! (Backwards)

I really enjoyed the work I did this week. I am really starting to realize how much I am getting out of this course. It has been really fun, but it has also pushed me creatively and taught me new, different skills. I have not thought of myself as a super creative person in the past, but this class has taught me that creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed and can get stronger.

Quote it! (Backwards)

For my second remix assignment, I decided to remix the Favorite Movie Quote Assignment. The remix task I received was to reverse the assignment, so I decided to reverse the quote and write it backwards. It sounds kind of cool, but does not makes sense, backwards. I decided to keep with the Eat, Pray, Love theme I seem to be doing this week, and picked a quote from this movie. I thought this quote, even though it is hard to actually read what it means, fit well with this reversal theme. It talks about what we think a soul mate is versus what it actually is and talks about the soul mate being a mirror.

After I picked the quote, I went to Google Images to find a picture. I decided on this picture that has the main character and one of her love interests. I then went to Canva, uploaded the picture, and added the text. It was a brain exercise to write the quote backwards! I changed the font color to white so that it would stand out more. I then screenshot it when I liked it!

Doing the remix assignments added a twist and made the assignments seem more interesting! I enjoyed the additional creativity they called for!


Oh, the Places I (Hope) to Go

For my first Remix Assignment, I decided to take it back to Visual Assignments, and remix the Places of Peace Assignment. My task was to include a Dr. Seuss character in my creation. I first thought about my places of peace, and they involved travel (except doing yoga with my dog nearby!), so I thought to incorporate the young boy from Oh, the Places You’ll Go by: Dr. Suess! The book is all about traveling and thinking about all the places you will go with your life. I was more relaxed and content while I was abroad than I have been in my entire life. Traveling and doing new, fun things with awesome people is where I find joy, and even peace.

To create this remix, I used Shutterfly and brought in four photos of my places of peace, and then used a picture from the Dr. Seuss book for the final picture. I decided on a picture of the beach in Spain at sunset, my best friend and I in Edinburgh, myself on my favorite spot in Bath, my tree, and my feet as I am doing yoga with my dog nearby. I am so excited to see where my life takes me, so the combination of the Dr. Seuss book and the places that have brought me peace in the past are exciting. I took a screenshot of the piece when I was happy with it.

My Brother is an Emoji!

I thought the Mashing Friends and Emojis Assignment (4 stars) would be a fun final assignment for this section! I looked through my camera roll to find a good picture to mashup with an emoji, and I found this picture of my brother! I thought he looked like the “cool” sunglasses emoji that my dad has started using instead of the word cool… It was actually a picture of my brother and his girlfriend, so I cropped his head to get what I needed…. I then went to Google images to find this picture of the sunglasses emoji. I then went to Canva, and I brought both images into the same document. I then took a screenshot, and here it is! This was a fun and easy assignment!

Tutorial for My Favorite Assignment

I decided to create my first tutorial for my favorite assignment, the Your Life IS A Movie! assignment. It was a fun but complicated assignment!

First, I decided on which trailer I wanted to use to create the video. I ultimately decided to use Eat, Pray, Love’s trailer because I wanted to use clips I took while I was abroad and in NYC over the summer, and I felt like the movie and trailer matched my sentiments towards those clips. I also felt like I had a lot of clips that worked with the words used in the trailer! Then, when I had picked the trailer, I used the 4K Video Downloader. There are directions on this page as to how to download this tool. I have found it very helpful for downloading YouTube videos quickly and effectively to use. When I am downloading a video, such as this trailer, to just use the audio, I go with the lowest visual quality because it is unnecessary for what I need it for.

I then brought the file I downloaded into iMovie to serve as the audio. I cut the beginning part because I felt like it did not fit for the trailer I wanted to create. I then had to gather the clips I wanted to use from my phone, so to do so, I put them together in an iMovie on my phone in the app. I just dragged them into a line. Looking back on it, it would probably be a good idea to put spaces between them so that they would be easier to cut…. Then, I uploaded that video to YouTube through the iMovie app on my phone. I tried initially to make it Private but then I was unable to download, so I made it public. I then downloaded it using the 4K Downloader again. I am sure there is an easier way to get the clips to your computer, but mine were too big to email. If your clips are already on your computer, you are set!

I then uploaded the file with my clips to iMovie in the same file as the audio. I put my video at the end of the audio file, and I eventually realized I could just go through my clip and split it by left clicking where I wanted to split the clip. I kept splitting it up until most of the clips were individual. I then started listening to the music and planning out what I wanted to do. When I heard things, such as “balance,” I added a clip of me doing a balancing yoga pose. I put my friends in NYC waving for when the lyrics talk about friends in NYC. It depends on how you thematically want to put it together. I used videos from my adventures abroad and in NYC, and I tried to match the themes of the words to different clips. Once I had matched as many as I could, I filled in the other gaps with other clips. I tried to match the flow of the clips to the music as best as I could. I adjusted the length and placement of the clips by extending them or dragging them around in iMovie. I took a while playing around with different clips and flows.

I also decided to make all of my clips, except the one where my friends in NYC are waving, silent by going to the green bar underneath the clips and dragging the horizontal line down to 0%. In iMovie, if you put one video above the other, it will show that video. Even though the clip I downloaded from YouTube of the official trailer, had images, mine were the ones that showed. I also silenced the clips of mine so that the only audio was the original trailer.

After creating the actual video, I had to decide on titles. I feel kind of like the iMovie text looks funny and not professional, so I did not want much text. I decided to just have the title of the trailer at the end- a play off of the title of the original trailer’s movie- Eat, Pray, Travel. I decided to not have text at the beginning or throughout the video to allow the clips to speak for themselves.

After I liked the way it looked, I downloaded it as a file from iMovie by going to File, Share, File. Once I downloaded the movie as a file onto my computer, I uploaded it to YouTube by dragging the file to the Upload Video page on YouTube. You can find this page by looking in the top right corner of your YouTube page. There should be what looks like an old video camera with a plus sign on it. Click that icon and click Upload Video.

This can be a challenging and time consuming project, but it is so fun!! Good luck!

Check out the video below and let me know if you have any questions in the comments!!